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Writing an RFP can be difficult and there are some things that companies don’t know unless they have been on the other side of a Web Design Proposal. These tips and tricks will ensure that your company get the most out of proposals and the agencies they come from.

RFP Checklist

The RFP checklist is a helpful compilation of information that should be included in your Request for Proposal to any web design agency. This list includes an extensive step by step process to ensure that all necessary parts of an RFP are included. General topics within the list including technical infrastructure and evaluation criteria. The checklist will ensure that all proposals you receive are complete.

6 Tips For Writing An RFP

These simple tips give you little known suggestions from a company who has experienced all types of RFP’s. Important topics such as owning your own code and advice on how to get the most out your partnership with a company ensure that you obtain the best results out of the process.

Web Design Glossary

The web design glossary includes important abbreviations, phrases and definitions frequently included in RFP’s. A list including CSS, FTP, sitemap and many more ensure that you understand what they are and how to use them.



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