How to Re-Login to Google+ Business Pages

Have you created your Google Pages Business account and now can’t re-login to your account? You want to continue editing, updating pictures etc. but are locked out? We had the exact same problem. After butting our heads against the wall for the majority of the morning I found a back way into Google plus for business pages.

The Solution

Logged into Google+ Pages
Not this!

After consulting my browser history I finally tracked down the URL used to edit Nuanced Media’s Google Plus Business Pages Profile, here is what I found. When you are just viewing the profile as a non-admin the url looks like the following: However, when logged in correctly the URL looks like this:

Google+ Business Page Updated Solution

Google has updated Google+ and now all you have to do it click in the drop down menu next to your avatar. Watch the video or click the dropdown menu next to your avatar on your Google+ Profile.

If you would like to manage multiple google+ Business Pages click here.
(Thanks Bob for the link!)

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Outdated method

(Please note: in the functioning example I am signed in to my second gmail account. If you are only signed into one account then the url would read /0/ not /1/.)In order to login to your Google plus Business Pages account you need to follow (A) /0/ which Identifies the user with (C) /b/ which I presume stands for business or something like that. After that you will need to repeat your company’s unique id number twice 105681796007125615548/105681796007125615548/ followed by posts.

Hope this helps! As always comments and suggestions are welcome :)

  • Jen

    THANK YOU for posting this. I’m absolutely floored that there isn’t another way to log into the page. That’s sort of like building a car with no ignition system…

    • Nuanced Media

      Hey Jen,

      Google updated their login method. Check out the update above :)

  • Jamie

    OMGosh, I was losing my mind trying to figure out how to get back into my business page!  Thanks so much! :)

  • Bob Roche

    You can get to your google+ pages by going to

    • Argstl

      Just bookmarked that link. Works great, thanks!

    • Nuanced Media

      Thanks for the link. I added the info to the blog and posted a link to your twitter account. Great find!! 

  • Cheryl Crow

    Thank You!

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  • Kathleen Donovan

    Thank you… thought I was going to have to consult an anger management site.  Oy vey.

  • Andrew Wong

    thanks so much for saving me from my google UI hell!……..

  • Tim Lorang

    This is great, This was driving me up the WALL.  Thanks!

  • Michelle Manire

    Ok, I have no drop down next to my picture. Help!! Why does Google make everything so freakin’ complicated??! ;) Thanks.

  • Michelle Manire

    Never mind!! I found it! Guess I had two profiles, one with page and one without. Thanks!

  • Dorothy

    Do I need to have a personal proile page in order to have a google+ for business?  I set up what I thought was going to be for my business and it was personal.  Then I set up a business and deleted the personal…now I can’t find the business. 
    I wish they would understand that “techie” isn’t my thing and make this easier – day 2 and getting ready to quit!