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WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that powers 14% of the world’s best websites. Meetup is used by 9.5 million members to connect with each other more than 2,000 times every single day in their local communities. Linking an organization’s Meetup events with their WordPress site has never been easy or efficient. Until now. The WP Meetup plugin makes keeping your organization’s members updated quick and easy. Fetching event information directly from Meetup.com, WP Meetup plugin provides an event calendar for displaying upcoming events either on a page or as a widget.

New in version 2.0!

  • Multiple Groups, One Calendar! Organizations seeking to create a comprehensive calendar of events can now collect events from multiple Meetup groups. Each group gets their own color highlight on the calendar. If you have a partner organization, or you organize multiple groups, we designed this feature with you in mind.
  • Multiple Months of Events You can now show multiple months of events, both past and future. Let your organization’s members know far in advance of special events, and have an easy way to show potential members some of your recent events.
  • New Calendar Widget The previous versions of WP Meetup included a calendar widget for displaying a small calendar of events in the widget area. Version 2.0 adds a second widget option: a calendar that displays seven upcoming events, each next to the day they occur.
  • Improved Stability We’ve taken care to improve the plugin’s table use and database structure. The result is a far more stable system for building calendars.
  • New Admin Page You’ll also notice a new admin page called, “Debug Information.” If a problem does arise, this page contains some useful information we can use to help solve your problem faster.
It has never been easier to aggregate and display events, and it has never been easier to keep your organization’s members in the loop.


  1. Download WP Meetup from WordPress.org
  2. Upload wp-meetup.zip to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” area in the WordPress admin area.
  4. Visit the options page located at Settings -> WP Meetup and follow the instructions.
To include the event calendar on a page, create a new page and in the content editor, enter [wp-meetup-calendar] where you want the calendar to appear on the page.  

WP Meetup Demo site


WP Meetup
  • Kundalini Yoga Collective

    Is there a way to select which events you want displayed – not just by date? Thanks, Kary

    • Kundalini Yoga Collective

      Also is there a way for the link in events to open a new browser window please?

  • Clare Nolan

    Hi, I have ticked the option “Checking this box will make all links within the calendar and widgets direct users to the Meetup.com event page.” Any way of making this open in another tab as well?

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Clare,
      I apologize for our delayed response but we will include this as an option in a future release. Thank you for you suggestion!

  • Jake Miller

    Hi, my events were showing up for couple of days. But now, i didnt change anything, but they no longer show up on either widget or main page. They still show up in the backend database, and if click on them, they still come up on the website on a specific link. But it seems both short code and widgets no longer show them. Please help!

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hi Jake,
      We are looking into this issue and have been for a couple weeks now. We will let you know when we begin to make progress towards a confirmed solution.

  • Larry Polyak

    Great plugin, I have tried both the event and the calendar shortcuts but I have some questions:
    1) How can I change the text color on the calendar event text?
    2) My options page looks nothing like your screenshot. I’d love to get the # of rsvp’s like that shows. How can I do that?
    3) How can I get an event list on the sidebar to look like the one on the sample website?

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hi Larry,

      I will respond to your questions in the same order that they were asked.

      1) You can’t change the color of the event text. We made an option that forced the text to be white, but if that isn’t checked then the text color should use the default link color of your WordPress theme.

      2) The options page got an update in v2.0 and we have yet to change the screenshots appropriately. We want to do this and are going to soon, but we have been very busy as of late. I apologize for the inconvenience.

      3) The sample website (http://tucsonrecess.com/) uses the built in Meetup Event List widget.

      If you have anymore questions then feel free to let us know! Thanks for using our plugin.

      • Larry Polyak

        Thank you, I got it now. The only thing I don’t see is an option for the text color to be white. That would be helpful. All I see is an option to select the background color on the calendar.

        • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

          Hey Larry,

          If you go to the options tab of the WP Meetup settings pages, under the general options there is a checkbox that says “Checking this box will make all links within the calendar white instead of the color created by your theme default.” If you check that box then the event text on the calendar will be white, or should be unless your theme continues to overwrite the styles.

          • Larry Polyak

            Thanks. Don’t know how I missed that. Works like a charm!