WordPress Meetup Plugin

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that powers 14% of the world’s best websites. Meetup is used by 9.5 million members to connect with each other more than 2,000 times every single day in their local communities. Linking an organization’s Meetup events with their WordPress site has never been easy or efficient. Until now. The WP Meetup plugin makes keeping your organization’s members updated quickly and easily. Fetching event information directly from Meetup.com, WP Meetup plugin provides an event calendar for displaying upcoming events either on a page or as a widget.

New in version 2.0!

  • Multiple Groups, One Calendar! Organizations seeking to create a comprehensive calendar of events can now collect events from multiple Meetup groups. Each group gets their own color highlight on the calendar. If you have a partner organization, or you organize multiple groups, we designed this feature with you in mind.
  • Multiple Months of Events You can now show multiple months of events, both past and future. Let your organization’s members know far in advance of special events, and have an easy way to show potential members some of your recent events.
  • New Calendar Widget The previous versions of WP Meetup included a calendar widget for displaying a small calendar of events in the widget area. Version 2.0 adds a second widget option: a calendar that displays seven upcoming events, each next to the day they occur.
  • Improved Stability We’ve taken care to improve the plugin’s table use and database structure. The result is a far more stable system for building calendars.
  • New Admin Page You’ll also notice a new admin page called, “Debug Information.” If a problem does arise, this page contains some useful information we can use to help solve your problem faster.
It has never been easier to aggregate and display events, and it has never been easier to keep your organization’s members in the loop.


  1. Download WP Meetup from WordPress.org
  2. Upload wp-meetup.zip to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” area in the WordPress admin area.
  4. Visit the options page located at Settings -> WP Meetup and follow the instructions.
To include the event calendar on a page, create a new page and in the content editor, enter [wp-meetup-calendar] where you want the calendar to appear on the page.  

WP Meetup Demo site


WP Meetup
  • Jillian Cocklin

    Hi I just set this up, and have a small issue – when the events show up, they show up with the address of the event. On Meetup, they show up as “Location is shown only to members” – is there anyway to fix this, or a setting that would always disable the address?

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hi Jillian,

      We will work on adding this as a setting. You can expect an update with this setting in early April. Thank you for reaching out to us.

  • http://www.drupal-rocks.com mori

    Would also love a Drupal-Module!

  • Rich

    How do you show multiple months on a page?

  • Hani

    hi.. how do you post an event as a post?

  • Hani

    events are not updating even when clicking the update button.. groups are not deleted.. all is bad after the update.. can you help

  • Henry Gondorff

    Hello, this plugin is still very helpful. On the update, I had to reset all of my group background colors. Before you could just paste the hex color number. That is gone now you have to go to color picker for every group. Very tedious. It is also necessary to log out then log in again to have these changes take effect. That should not happen although was also the case before. Also, there is no auto-update now. Need auto update and a way to control it with options for hourly, daily, weekly, etc. The update button used to say how many events were added on update. This is gone now, hard to tell what was updated.

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hi Henry,
      The plugin should have handled pulling your background colors from your previous version. We will look into this. Can you tell us what version you were updating from? As for the use of a colorpicker, WP Meetup has always used some form of a colorpicker. As of version 2.2.0, it uses the default colorpicker for whichever browser you are currently using. For example, when I use Chrome, there is a pop-up colorpicker. However if I use firefox, then I am given a simple hex code input box. These options should update immediately and we will look into why you have to logout for them to take effect.

      The plugin should still update automatically, however the update message is something that we temporarily removed.

      If you would like to email us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com with more information, such as the version that you updated from and your current version, then we would appreciate it so that we can look into these issues.

      Thank you.

      • Henry Gondorff

        I was using the most recent version before yesterday’s update which put the green headers on dashboard items – did not affect background colors. Today there was another small update about forgotten crucial file. I did that update and it reverted bg colors to default dark grey. I changed bg colors back, saved and refreshed calendar page but did not update. Logged off and back on, pressed save (revised colors were retained), refreshed calendar and new colors appeared. The hex box shows only on IE. Chrome and Firefox (I mostly use Firefox) have colorpicker. Firefox did have hexbox until yesterday’s update. I don’t think plugin ever auto-updated for me – before or now. There used to be a box indicating update intervals but I could not adjust it. When I use update button then refresh calendar page, then I can see changes occur. Before, update message would confirm events were added.

  • http://bit.ly/1kGNy2Y Terry Pham

    Hi this may be a newb question so my apologies if it is. After adding the calendar to my homepage the event pages automatically link to http://www.raveloop.com/events/aly-fila-sutra-2/ which is currently nonexistent. Would I need to manually create every single event on my website or is there an “auto create page events” feature in wordpress?

    Here’s my site just in case you need it: http://www.raveloop.com



    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Terry,

      This should be solved by simply resetting your permalinks. If you go into under the WordPress settings, you will find a section called Permalinks. From there you can simply re-save your current settings and this should fix the issue. If it does not then please feel free to email us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will look into the issue.

      Thanks for using our plugin! If you have anymore questions, then feel free to contact us here, email us directly at the above address, or write on the WordPress support page for the plugin.

      • http://bit.ly/1kGNy2Y Terry Pham

        First thanks so much for your reply! I made the change and it worked! A couple of other questions if you don’t mind. I read Henry Gondorff’s issue with the colors and was wondering where/how the calendar plugin is pulling the color from so I can change it? Thanks again!

        • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

          Hey Terry,
          Within the Plugins settings pages, there is a page titled groups. That page has a color selector on it where you can choose the color that will represent each group.

          • http://bit.ly/1kGNy2Y Terry Pham

            Hi thanks for the help–everything looks great now! Also, I left you a 5 star review. Keep up the great work and hope to see the evolution of this plugin continue.

  • Harry Bosh

    Everything is working on my site, but how do I get the events to show up in a category? Do I have to embed the calendar. I was under the impression the plugin created posts from meetup events. I can see these in the backend, but how about showing them in the front end? How?

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Harry,

      You are correct about the plugin creating a post for each of the events. Currently they are being saved as a custom post type that is hidden from user interaction (or at least it should be). We are working in making it safe for users to edit posts without changes being overwritten by the plugin the next time that it updates. That means that currently you can’t simply enter the backend of the plugin and add categories to posts. However look for this in a future update down the road.

  • http://bit.ly/1kGNy2Y Terry Pham

    Hi good folks at Nuanced Media! Everything’s fine and dandy except I’m having issues updating events via the wp meetup dashboard. To clarify, I added a few new events on my meetup group, hit “update events now” on my wp dashboardand this message shows up “There was an error querying your events. Please try again at a later time.” I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks!

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Terry,
      I apologize for not responding sooner but I have been looking into your issue and I haven’t yet figured out a solution to offer you. There are two ways that you will receive that message. The first is that the body of the REST request to Meetup.com was returned as NULL. The second is if the body was returned in proper form but there were no events for your specific group. If you want us too look into it further then we will have to get more information from you. Feel free to email us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will try to help you out as best we can. Thanks.

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hi Terry,
      Here is the issue that I have come across. I personally coded that error message myself. It is coded to show up when I am coding on my localhost without internet access. It is plausible that you were is that situation when the error occurred. However, when the cron ran the next day, these events should have been pulled and your problem should have been solved.

      There are other ways that this error could have occurred, however we have checks set in place that would stop you from even getting to that point. For example, the check the validity of group urlnames as you add them. We also check the structure of the API REST requests as we build them. So unless you were doing as I previously mentioned, working on your site without internet, then it should have been impossible for you to get the message that you did.

      I have looked through our code start to finish, trying to think of what could have happened and I found no other options. If you are still getting this error and you can’t pull any events, then I would love to look at your site. Send up an email at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and I will do everything in my power to figure out what is going on.

  • Harry Bosh

    Hi Everyone, i cannot seem to configure this plugin to show a calendar as displayed above. No matter what i choose it is always a list, i just upgraded to the latest!

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Harry,

      Off of the top of my head, without looking at your site, I would guess that you are trying to make a calendar on a page titled “Events”, which is currently being used as the default post type archive page (the list that keeps showing up). If this is the case then you can simply edit the custom post type root from the plugin options page and this will fix your issue.

      If this is not the case, then feel free to email us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will look at your site and help you out in any way that we can.

      • http://interludic.com.au Harry Bosh

        Yes i was using events!
        I noticed the new version has the ability to modify the root.

        Also i want to do some work on the plugin, especially merging the custom posts and the calendar. When time permits! do you have git?

        • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

          Hi Harry,

          We do not have a public git. However, all WordPress plugins stored in the WordPress SVN are open source and you can change it on your personal website. However, I don’t recommend this because we would overwrite your changes every time we pushed an update. If you would like for us to code something out for you and push it in the next update then we can do that, as long as it isn’t something that will remove a feature requested by someone else already.

          Feel free to shot us an email at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

    • http://bit.ly/1kGNy2Y Terry Pham

      Harry I’m just letting you know Nuanced Media must like you better than me since you received a reply.

      • http://interludic.com.au Harry Bosh

        maybe try donating?

  • David Singer

    I just installed the plugin; [meetup-list] doesn’t display an event happening later tonight. Could there be a timezone problem between Meetup and WP? Thanks!

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey David,
      There very well could be a timezone issue. We try to account for that but we are realizing that we might be causing some issues because of that. If you look at the Events tab on the WP Meetup admin page, then you can compare the dates the WP Meetup is storing the event at with the date the Meetup.com has. If these don’t match then feel free to email us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will happily look into things further.

      • http://readthisblog.net David Singer

        The times matched; I’ll see what happens when I’m within a few hours of the next event on my meetup and will email you if there’s still a problem. Thanks!

  • Avigail F

    when I upgraded wordpress to 3.9.1, this plugin created an error. I had to keep it deactivated. There is no sign that there is a newer version. what to do? jnbf.org

  • Avigail F

    Since I upgraded wordpress to 3.9.1, the plugin creates an error message:
    Development Error: The pt variable needs to be overwritten in each specific PT file.
    What do you advise?

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hi Avigail, I just release an update today. If you upgrade the plugin and still ave issues then please contact us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will happily look into your issue further.

  • Mom Adored

    I just added this and am excited to use it. However, I cannot figure out what format I am to use to add my group. The sample text show group_url_1, group_url_2, group_url_3. This gives an error “Please enter a correct group urlname.” Please advise. Thanks!

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Mom Adored,

      When you view the url for a Meetup.com group, you will see something along the lines of http://www.meetup.com/group_urlname/ and if you try to enter the full url then the plugin will give you that message. What you need to add is the group_urlname. This should add your groups correctly. If you have any further issues then don’t hesitate to ask us here, or email us directly at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will happily help you.

      • Valter Colognori

        Hi, I followed the instructions listed in the response .I inserted group_urlname without http: // www ………. but it does not work.
        appears: Groups Have Been added.
        but in the following line appears: Please enter a correct group urlname.

        I also tried to insert the url in part, without spaces or insert but nothing did not work. The current version is 2.2.9 wpmeetup

  • http://beagile.biz Josh Woodcock

    There’s a missing on the meetup event list widget

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Thanks Josh, we will look into it immediately.

  • Pat Moran

    Great plugin. Unfortunately, it’s only allowing me to use one group. When I try to add another it kicks me out to the home page. Also, the widget calendar doesn’t display the information on the calendar. It does work with the short code, but I though I would let you know.

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hi Pat Moran,
      We are having multiple users with this issue. If you are willing to give us dashboard access to your site, then please email us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will be able to look into this further.

  • http://startupproduct.com ProdMgmt Talk

    I noticed that it duplicated many of our meetup groups after I updated plug-in. After deleting duplicates, tried to add a new one, but kept kicking me out of the dashboard. Doesn’t seem to be my wordpress settings, as I’m able to update other things within the dashboard.

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey ProdMgmt Talk,
      We are having multiple users with this issue. If you are willing to give us dashboard access to your site, then please email us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will be able to look into this further.

  • Julie

    My links for (read more) under each event are wrong. What can I do to correct this? I am new to wordpress. I went out today and bought a book on it.


    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Julie,

      I took a look at your site and this issue that you are having is du to the fact that you don’t have WordPress stored in your root. Since you have it installed at http://pittsburghinvestigatorsoftheparanormal.com/pip/, whenever WordPress needs to link to a page it will build the page URL from the root (http://pittsburghinvestigatorsoftheparanormal.com/) and leave off the “pip/” that is required for links to work correctly.

      In order to fix this, you have a couple options. The first would be to move WordPress to the root and rebuild your whole site using WordPress. This is a lot of work but will probably be worth it in the long run if you want to fully utilize plugins. The second and much more simple solution would be to change your WordPress Address and your site address from within the WordPress settings page. Doing this will cause WordPress to recognize that it isn’t in the root and take that into consideration when building links.

      I hope this was helpful. If you have any more questions then fee free to contact us.

  • Jess

    Where can I edit the scripts to make the links open in a new window/tab? I don’t want my site visitors to be taken completely away from my page just because they want to rsvp.

  • Pavo

    Hi There,

    I’ve been trying out the plugin and making the updates as they come, but I’m noticing that the plugin is not working well on my client’s site http://www.realitycrowdtv.com. The group URL entry is not working and gives an error message along with the “Groups have been added.” message. Please see attached screen shot.

    Also, is there a way to show the events as posts in the admin panel for edits and sorting by event date instead of post number? Whenever the events showed up on the web site’s Events page, they would be out of order.

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Pavo,
      This issue should have been fixed with the update that was released yesterday. Try updating the plugin, or deleting and adding the plugin again. If issues still persist, send us an email at plugins@nuancedmedia.com and we will have someone look into the issue.

      • Pavo

        Hi… I’m still having the same issue come up after updating. I’ve emailed you directly with login info.


        • Hey

          Same issue, just emailed you.

      • Hey

        the format shown is group_url_1 . Does this mean I should not being putting in the url directly from meetup like this: http://www.meetup.com/Engaged-Buddhists-and-Social-Action/

        I am having he same issues as Pavo

  • Victoria Martinez

    I’m having problems to add the URL. It says that doesn’t exist or it gives a double message saying that it added but also that there is a problem with the URL. Help! :)

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Hey Victoria,

      We released an update that should have corrected this. Please confirm that you have the most recent version and if the problem persists then please email us at plugins@nuancedmedia.com.

  • Brian Alexander

    Hi…I just installed WP Meetup to my site. I can see all of our group’ events on the Event tab in the settings, but when I tried the [meetup-list] shortcode on one of my pages, it only shows the first 200 or so. We have had over 600 events since the group started in 2011. Under general options, the only box checked is “Checking this box will make all links within the calendar and widgets direct users to the Meetup.com event page.” Under query options, # of past months = 60 and # of future months = 2. I tried doing a force update, but after a minute I get a 504 error. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Brian Alexander

      Also the Meetup list is not displaying in table format like you have in the screen shot at the top of this page. Not sure whether it’s related. Thanks.

      • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

        Hey Brian,

        You are receiving the 504 error because you are requesting too many events. Meetup.com limits the amount of time that a query can take. This is also why you are only getting 200 of your 600 events. We set our default values to a smaller window for this very reason. One thing you can do is limit the the query to smaller chunks and pull events manually. If you set the query values you past: 60 and future: -55. It will query the 5 month set and then you can shift to past: 55 and future: -50 to get the next set. Doing this manually will keep you under the 504 error limit.

        As for the Meetup list not displaying in the format above, that image is from the backend settings pages of an older version. We have made many updates since and will be updating these pictures shortly.

        • Brian Alexander

          Ah, thanks for the tip! I still get the 504 error, but everything appears to be loading now.

          I kinda prefer the format in the screen shot, but that’s just me.

          Thanks again!

  • Brian Alexander

    Follow-up to my question about using [meetup-list]: One of the events in the list has italics in the description. From that point on, all the events listed after it are also in italics, including the headings. Even the sidebar text is in italics. Looks like there is a missing closing tag somewhere. Is there an easy way to fix that, or is it just a matter of me going through the code for that event page?

    Also, is there a way to change any of the text formatting (font, size, etc) for events listed with [meetup-list]?

    • http://nuancedmedia.com/ Nuanced Media

      Alright, thanks Brian. We will look into this issue.

  • http://evs.curemyway.com/ Adrian

    Hi. just installed the plugin, added the API and a group but the group event is not showing under the events tab in the admin. any ideas?

  • Henry Gondorff

    Just wanted to update a post quite awhile ago. Couldn’t get changes to save unless I logged out and in. It was caused by Super Cache plugin. De-activating it doesn’t help. It must be totally deleted. All is well.

  • marcoardia

    How to add the refresh functionality to the editors role? Or: what capability to add to the editors role to enable this ?
    Thank you!

  • claur

    events doesn’t show in the calendar.

  • claur

    I’m having problem with displaying event using the plugin. I can display the calendar but not any events

  • http://ashtangayoga.ro Darius II

    I would consider a next needful enhancement the add the posiblity to fillter the events after a specific host: e.g. [wp-meetup-calendar host="Ruben-Darius M."] or even more to consider if there are multiple hots to have something like [wp-meetup-calendar host="*Ruben-Darius M.*"]

  • http://scottsdalemeetup.com/ Brian Ferenz

    Your new version neither the calendar or events lists works: http://scottsdalemeetup.com/events-calendar/