Ad Badger Review: A Deep Dive into This Powerful Amazon PPC Accelerator

Written by: Ryan Flannagan
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Let’s face it – optimizing your Amazon PPC campaigns can make even veteran business owners want to bury their heads in the sand. And every year, the process seems to get harder and harder, until it becomes a challenge to make a sale with even 1000% ACOS! That’s where PPC tools like Ad Badger come in.

This Ad Badger review addresses its unique blend of premium training courses, community support channels, and heavy-lifting software, Ad Badger promises to take the confusion out of building a profitable Amazon PPC strategy. Let’s take a closer look into Ad Badger’s offerings and learn more about what it could do for your marketing efforts.

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Ad Badger Overview:

At its core, Ad Badger positions itself as an all-in-one “advanced ads ecosystem” that helps users feel empowered to create successful and profitable PPC campaigns .

Simply put, the software helps Amazon sellers improve their paid traffic campaigns through smart automation and customization, which allows sellers to start seeing better Amazon PPC results in less time. Ad Badger’s intelligent automation and customization abilities help save business owners valuable time. In brief, it produces great results without having to manually manage campaigns.

Benefits at a glance:

Now that you’ve gotten an overview, allow us to explain some of Ad Badger’s key features:

• Powerful Keyword Research: Helps your Amazon fba for business stop failing with experimental keywords and start making sales with proven keywords.

• Automated Bid Optimization: Ad Badger’s algorithm makes it easy to optimize every bid in your account and reach our target ACOS with every keyword.

• Negative Keyword Automator: Ad Badger’s powerful search engine automatically flags unprofitable search terms into negative keywords.

• Premium Amazon Advertising Training: Every purchase comes with access to the Ad Badger Amazon Academy, an online training course that breaks down PPC strategy fundamentals.

• Built-in community support platform: You’ll also have access to Ad Badger’s supportive growth community, where you can brainstorm and troubleshoot with other professionals in your industry.


Reviews from around the web:

Let’s take a look at what some of Ad Badger’s users have to say:

Catherine S., founder of Car Cache wrote,

5 star ad badger trial review

“The immediate impact on my Amazon sales. Ease of implementing complex keyword & negative keyword information and targeting segments as well as the excellent support I received from the AdBadger team. Amazed with their knowledge of Amazon’s back-end systems and how they quickly take full advantage of all the Amazon technical resources to help increase sales.”

Jack C. noted in their review,

5 star ad badger review

“One of the best things about Ad Badger is the team behind the software. I highly recommend their PPC Den podcast, once you listen to them discuss various PPC strategies, you will realize how knowledgeable these guys are about PPC, but also how humble and open-minded they are to new ideas and strategies.’”

We particularly love this stellar review from Roman M.

5 star ad badger review

“This PPC automation software syncs data accurately from your SellerCentral and it doesn’t have the 1-week data time lag that most other softwares have. AdBadger also knows how to do bid management much better than the other software I’ve tried, and they are very results-driven. The other [software] that I’ve tried didn’t know much about driving sales or when to adjust a bid due to conversion rate changes or even having proper ad structure. For this reason, AdBadger is the best.”

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Our Final Recommendation: 

If you’re a small-to-medium sized Amazon business, we think Ad Badger could be a good fit for you. With its robust algorithms and several tools for automation, Ad Badger provides the perfect amount of PPC optimization support to help accelerate your marketing efforts and drive profits.  With its all-access pass to in-app digital courses and support networks, Ad Badger makes it easy for business owners to save time. And after all, time is money.

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