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Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative option for your business. With Amazon FBA as the backbone for your operation, it’s possible to benefit from the eCommerce giant’s famed resources and services, allowing you to sell large quantities of products to their customers.

Yet Amazon FBA isn’t for everyone, we get that. The good news is it doesn’t necessarily put an end to using Amazon as a money-making platform.
The reason: Amazon’s affiliate program.

Known officially as the Amazon Associates Program, you have the potential to monetize your online presence. You don’t have to sell your own products or worry about Amazon FBA. All you have to do is get people interested in products on Amazon and ensure they click your affiliated link before making a purchase.

Of course, it’s not quite that easy. There are various points to consider to be a success with Amazon affiliate marketing. As an expert Amazon marketing agency, we have put together this handy starter guide to get you up and running.

Amazon Fulfillment FBA Delivery

Amazon Associates Program: A Summary

The Amazon Associates Program, in general, functions the same as any standard affiliate program. The arrangement is simple: an affiliate promotes Amazon products, and for every direct sale generated, Amazon will pay them a commission.

For a sale to count with the Amazon Associates Program, a user has to complete their purchase within 24 hours of clicking the referral link. The commission rate varies significantly depending on the product type, ranging from 1% on Amazon Fresh products to 20% for Amazon Games. Make sure to refer to Amazon’s commission income rate table for information about specific product categories.

There are numerous benefits gained from using Amazon’s affiliate program, including:

  • Amazon is a trustworthy brand.
  • Amazon is the largest online retailer with 200 million global Amazon Prime members.
  • There are millions of products you can choose to promote.
  • It’s easy to get started. All you have to do is sign up for an account.
  • Even if you refer someone to a specific product, but they buy something else within 24 hours, you still get the commission. This also applies if they purchase multiple items in a single transaction.
  • Commission payments can be made via check, direct deposit, or with Amazon gift cards.

It’s true: commission rates can be a lot higher elsewhere. However, the ample positives of working with Amazon can offset these relatively low rates and turn them into the perfect partner for your affiliate efforts.

You just need to know how to make the most of Amazon affiliate marketing.

Amazon Fulfillment FBA Delivery

Pick Your Products

You have set up your account. You’ve checked to ensure your website/platforms are eligible for promoting Amazon products. Now what? The first step is to select products you want to advertise. As Amazon sells just about everything, you shouldn’t struggle to find a healthy collection of items to promote – regardless of the niche you’re targeting.

You can do a quick search on Amazon to find relevant products. Aside from a search query, you can visit the Best Sellers page to see what items are currently hot and selling on Amazon in your chosen categories. By doing this, you can be comfortable in the knowledge of promoting items that are more likely to result in those all-important click-throughs.

As an Amazon marketing agency, we’re often asked about product price points. This is also an aspect you have to consider with the Amazon affiliate program. Low-priced items typically result in greater conversion rates, but the commission cut is low. High-priced items boast much better commission rates, yet trying to complete a sale is a bigger challenge.

As a result, a general rule of thumb is to select middle-priced items to promote.

Amazon Fulfillment FBA Delivery

Build Your Ad Campaign Wisely

Whether you are using a website, social media, or other type of platform, content creation is key to a successful affiliate program. You need to produce content that will grab the attention of potential customers and get them to click your Amazon referral links.

Keyword research should be the foundation for your content creation strategy. By using keyword tools like Jungle Scout, Scientific Seller, and Reverse ASIN Lookup, you can find relevant keywords based on monthly searches to build your content around. In fact, with long-tail keywords, it’s possible to identify pain points or questions that people are searching about – and you can supply the answers with your content.

Worried about budgeting for keyword tools for Amazon when just starting out? There will typically be a free version or free trial available for the most popular tools, ensuring you can still find keywords for your Amazon affiliate program without breaking the bank.

Aside from using an Amazon SEO tool and analyzing search volume data, it’s important you know the type of content that will boost search engine visibility, interest viewers, and get people clicking through to Amazon. Here are some content examples:

    Positive Reviews

    Product Reviews

    An obvious starting point, yes, but one worthy of mention. A product review is an easy way to create content around a specific Amazon item.

    Positive Reviews

    Best Products Lists

    ‘Top 15 Budget Mobile Phones’, ’20 Best PS5 Games Under $20’, etc.

    Positive Reviews

    Products Comparison

    A comprehensive comparison can convince people to decide between similar available products.

    Positive Reviews

    How to Choose

    This can cover various “newbie” questions for those with minimal experience with a certain product.

    Positive Reviews

    Promotions & Discounts

    For retailers selling on Amazon, they’ll often turn to promotions and discounts to entice people to buy their products. You can do the same by advertising these special offers.

    Driving Traffic to Your Website

    To be successful with Amazon affiliate marketing, you need to drive people to your website. The more targeted visitors, the more clicks you’ll get on your affiliate links and the more sales that will be generated.

    The good news is there are various ways to increase those traffic numbers. A robust SEO campaign, PPC campaigns, blogs, social media, and so on. For guaranteed results, you could also work with an experienced Amazon marketing agency!

      Amazon Fulfillment FBA Delivery
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