Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) Is an Unfair Advantage for Your E-Commerce Businesses
Written by: Ryan Flannagan

Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform As a Powerful Marketing Tool is hard to ignore if you’re hoping to reach the masses with your product, but it’s also the most competitive market online to break into effectively. It’s the top online retailer, but Amazon is also the leader when it comes to programmatic advertising. Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform, or Amazon DSP, enables individual marketers and Amazon marketing agencies to buy media on the Amazon site and across the web. It’s a powerful, essential component to online marketing.

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Key Takeaways

  • Amazon is the place to buy in the e-commerce world, but the competition to get in front of would-be buyers is incredible.
  • Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) provides an opportunity for sellers to get their products noticed by their most likely buyers on the site.
  • DSP eliminates many of the roadblocks of performing on the site, eliminating high marketing costs and let’s any seller compete directly with their competitors in an effective manner.
  • You can get started with DSP right now, but the cost is prohibitive for many companies doing it on their own.
  • As a 3rd-party Amazon Agency, we can help you avoid heavy costs and get set up quickly in DSP.

Give your Amazon business an unfair advantage with Amazon DSP!

Have You Heard of Amazon DSP?

 DSP at Amazon is incredible. When you consider that 73 percent of consumers say they shop at the site often, and consumers only report shopping at Walmart’s online site 8 percent of the time, it’s clear, this is where you need your product to be.

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The problem is that this demand isn’t a secret. There’s a high level of competition here. Getting in front of those customers takes a focused effort.
What we can do with Amazon DSP is to get your products to appear across the site and other Supply Side Platforms at a competitive rate.

The key concern many have, though, is the cost. Amazon will require companies to have $35,000 in place to get started. That’s a very high figure for many organizations. What do you do, then, if you are interested in DSP? When you work with our team, we can help you to get started at a fraction of this cost, and we go further. We provide you with far more transparency. That is because we have exclusive Self Service Agency access. That’s just one area that we can provide to you that gives you immediate value.

Before moving to that point, let’s take a closer look at what Amazon DSP is and how it can impact the way you are selling (or perhaps not selling) on the site.

What Is Amazon DSP?

DSP is a Display Advertising Platform. It gives you the ability to use programmatic marketing to reach target customers on Amazon sites as well as its apps. It also gives us the ability to reach publishing partners located on commonly used third-party exchanges.

There are dozens of benefits to using this type of model including more efficiency, getting more out of your advertising budget, using an automated buying process, and very targeted impressions delivered in real-time to the specific audience you select.

With this method, we can increase the efficiency of the entire process, allowing you, as an advertiser, to get impressions at just the right time in front of the ideal person, reducing costs and improving results.

That sounds great, but how does the Amazon DSP solution work for you?

Amazon DSP Is a Game-Changer for Amazon Sellers

Let’s consider what Amazon brings to the table. It’s a company that is generating as much as half of all e-commerce sales and as much as five percent of all retail sales in the United States, according to some reports. One key reason for this is Amazon’s Prime Membership. It lures in consumers to pay a fee to use the site to get faster shipping and better service. To Amazon, Prime Memberships are incredibly valuable to the business model. This shows just how large and growing the site is.

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Amazon attracts:

  • It’s ideal for most types of products.
  • Amazon is working to integrate data into segments that help marketers to target very specific buyers.

  • This is not a Google- or Facebook-centric way of reaching consumers.
  • Amazon shopping history is a treasure trove when you consider how often, how much, and how varied the site’s consumers are.

All of this is why Amazon DSP is so important to your journey to selling online. When you have access to it, you gain a helping hand to position your company in front of customers who are most likely to buy it.

Case Study: Nespresso

Nespresso, a at-home premium coffee maker that creates cafe-style drinks on kitchen countertops, used DSP. Their marketing agency used Amazon DSP to reach shoppers on the site and throughout the web. They aimed to stay within a very specific cost-per-acquisition budget. Their method included:


  • Using Amazon DSP to reach customers.
  • Offered a credit with the purchase of a machine from the company.
  • Analyzed website visitors.
  • Then expanded their campaign after beta testing results.
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All of this is why Amazon DSP is so important to your journey to selling online. When you have access to it, you gain a helping hand to position your company in front of customers who are most likely to buy it.

Take a Look at the Amazon DSP Features Transforming Marketing

How does Amazon DSP programmatic really make this happen? DSP advertising on the site is so important because of the key features Amazon has available to you that can help you to reach more of your most likely buyers.

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It Eliminates the Amazon Black Box

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Amazon black box? It’s a term used to describe a lack of information that would be vitally important for a marketer to have in order to make investment decisions. It provides you with far more information and insight than you can expect to have otherwise. That means less money is spent outside of your target zone of customers.
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It Lets You Target Competitor's Categories

When you use this particular service, you are able to gain access to your competitor’s buyers in a round-about way. Let’s say a consumer visits a competitor’s product page. That sparks Amazon to recognize that the consumer is looking for that particular type of product – not just the brand. It allows you to then display ads on those pages or in those categories that your competitors are using. Again, this increases the number and quality of buyers available to you.
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It Does Just About Everything Facebook Pixelation Does

Pixelation is one of those tools Facebook has done well with and with Amazon DSP, you gain just as much benefit as you would using this tool. It’s easy to use and creates key opportunities for stunning images.

It’s an Unfair Advantage for YOUR Company

When you consider all that Amazon DSP brings to the table, it becomes easy for you to see it’s the right path for your company. Another way to see this is to see just how much it does for you that the competition doesn’t have access to. In other words, it creates an unfair advantage for your business (and that’s a big deal!)


  • It helps to improve your discoverability on the site.
  • It creates an opportunity for you to target shoppers based on their interests and past purchases (with a higher level of demographic segmenting than other tools can offer).
  • It allows you to remarket to your buyers. This allows you to build loyalty with your consumers.
  • Ad inventory is another key advantage here. It allows you to display on the site’s pages and on the web for easy discovery, but also allows your ads to appear on competitor product pages – giving you far more access.
  • Reach more customers including category shoppers.
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There’s a reason why, according to some reports, 41 percent of all marketers prefer using this method over any other DSP. That’s quite a profound percentage. To be frank, if you’re not using it, you’re likely to be one of the competitors that are outshined by Amazon DSP users at some point.

Do you want to be the competition that’s overshadowed or the business that has an unfair advantage to leverage?

Case Study: Hippeas

Hippeas set out to change the way people snack with their organic chickpea puff brand. The company opened its Amazon store in 2017. The Amazon store helped to show the company’s value proposition well and helped display its packaging, building its brand. Hippeas saw significant success right away with strong consumer engagement.

Hippeas created specific goals:


  • It wanted to raise awareness of its product using a holistic strategy including sponsored ads.
  • It wanted to offer a trial.
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To achieve this, it launched video ads using Amazon DSP to promote its brand both on and off the site. Check out this video of what the company did and the success they instantly hand using Amazon DSP.

Ready to Get In? You Have Two Options

Here’s the good news. Nuanced Media is the Amazon Agency to help you. As an Amazon DSP marketing agency, we support you not just in launching your products using this tool, but we also help you succeed. To take advantage of Amazon DSP, you have two options to do so:


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Spend $35,000 and work with Amazon directly

This option may be best for those who have experience and who have the time and money to put into the process. If you’re a big brand with people to dedicate towards the program, this can be the route you take. You will get all of the benefits and be more hands-on.
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Work with a 3rd Party Amazon Agency Like Us

The key here is that you do not have to have $35,000 to use this service and you get more help and support through the process. (You’re getting more for less, in a way!) You do not lose any of the benefits or features. In many cases, this method is by far the better option for those who want more transparency and support.

 Here’s the good news. Nuanced Media is the Amazon agency to help you. As an Amazon DSP marketing agency, we support you not just in launching your products using this tool, but we also help you succeed.

Set Up a Strategy Call to Get a Customized Solution

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Ryan Flannagan
Ryan Flannagan

Ryan Flannagan is the Founder & CEO of Nuanced Media, an international eCommerce marketing agency specializing in Amazon. Nuanced has sold $100s of Millions online and Ryan has built a client base representing a total revenue of over 1.5 billion dollars. Ryan is a published author and has been quoted by a number of media sources such as BuzzFeed, CNBC, and Modern Retail.

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