Ryan Flannagan

CEO and Founder

Ryan has been an impassioned thought leader in eCommerce, multi-channel marketing, and growth strategies for more than fifteen years. During that time, he has worked with hundreds of companies to establish best practices, focusing on the 20 percent of effort that produces 80 percent of revenue. His work with Amazon-based eCommerce businesses has generated 100s of millions of sales online..

Ryan is a professional speaker and blogger, having contributed articles to over twenty print and online publications. He is the author of two books: Marketing is Dead, and The Amazon Opportunity. He is passionate about thought leadership, experience sharing and collaboration in the digital space, and is well-known in the community for strong involvement, candor and leadership.

More than a consultant, Ryan lives by example. He has long told his clients to make adjustments when the market and their sales data demand it. When, in 2017, the market showed he could he could help the most people the most effectively on Amazon, he shifted the entire focus of Nuanced Media to that end. Within two years, 98% of his business was done on that basis.

Ryan’s first experience with sales came at eight years old when he started a poop scooping service in his neighborhood. He grew it to the point where he hired several friends to do the work while he focused on sales and management…until his mother made him give it up. He stopped scooping poop, but had already gotten hooked on the magic of entrepreneurship and helping people accomplish their goals through smart business and smart relationships.

A life-long learner, Ryan spent two years living in Salamanca, Spain learning the language and the culture. He serves on several non-profit boards in Tucson, focusing on leadership, responsible business, and health care. His hobbies include hiking, travel, listening to audiobooks (some of which he actually has time for after helping clients dominate their markets), and spending as much time as he can with his family. He lives in Tucson with his wife, Bianka, daughter, Brynn, and Pepper the bernedoodle.

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