The Best Amazon Keyword Tools: Amazon Keyword Finder Tools Reviewed
Written by: Ryan Flannagan

Whether you are selling your own products on Amazon or utilizing the retail giant’s affiliate program, there’s one asset you should always possess: an Amazon keyword research tool.

Amazon is a busy place. Millions of sellers populate the platform, and they fill it with hundreds of millions of products. To be able to tap into the goldmine that is Amazon, you need to capture the spotlight – and that’s where an Amazon keyword tool is a must.

As a specialist Amazon consultant, we know a thing or two about keyword tools for Amazon. Below we have put together a list of the best solutions to find Amazon keywords for your products.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a solid starting point for any business, big or small, when it comes to finding relevant keywords for Amazon. One of the big reasons for this is simple: it is free to use. Unlike other options on this list, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with monthly payments or splashing out on a tool outright.

Of course, you also get to harness the power of the search engine king. Simple to use but with plenty of depth under the hood, Google Keyword Planner starts by you typing in a keyword. In response, it’ll tell you the approximate monthly searches it receives, competition levels, top-of-page bids, related keywords, and so on.

Just remember: you’re not trying to please Google’s search algorithm. You have to match your keywords to the Amazon A9 algorithm.


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Amazon Keyword Tool

The next step in your search for an Amazon keyword research tool would naturally move to the retailer’s own native offering. As with the aforementioned solution by Google, the Amazon Keyword Tool only requires you to input a keyword to begin. Once done, it’ll fire out the following details:

  • Search volume
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Trend
  • Competition
  • Related keywords

However, there’s one notable sticking point with this tool: full results can only be gained if you’re willing to spend. Plans range from $89 to $199 per month, which can be a bit too pricey if you’re just starting out. Although if you do decide to change your mind, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available.


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Jungle Scout

It might not have the Google or Amazon name behind it, but don’t let that fool you – Jungle Scout is arguably the finest tool out there today for Amazon keywords.

As you would expect, Jungle Scout presents you with every important metric available. By utilizing Amazon’s actual data, it supplies you with super-accurate results in terms of search volume data per keyword. You can also filter these keywords, put them into designated lists, and export these with ease. In fact, the entire system is simple to use, and it’ll even come up with recommended keywords when you’re struggling to think of new ideas.

One of its most impressive features is its reverse ASIN lookup. By using this feature, you are able to gain an invaluable insight into your competitors and the keywords they are using for their own campaigns. You can then use this information to better refine the implementation of keywords for your Amazon listings.

Sadly, there is no free trial on offer for you to test out Jungle Scout – although a seven-day money-back guarantee is an option should you be dissatisfied with this keyword tool. Plans start at $49 per month and go up to $129 per month.

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    Scientific Seller

    As far as keyword tools go, it’s highly recommended you have space to add Scientific Seller to your repertoire. For one, its free version packs all you require to get up and running. Furthermore, it’s an excellent Amazon SEO tool for finding keywords, keywords, keywords… and a few more keywords.

    In fact, the general purpose of the tool is to simply find as many keywords as possible. It will keep searching for new keywords, with the aid of a scientific approach (hence the name), in real time until it’s prompted to stop. Due to this, no other keyword tools will put together as comprehensive a list of keywords as Scientific Seller. It’s also incredibly simple to use with no learning curve involved.

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      If you’re in the market for not just an Amazon keyword research tool but a keyword tool in general, many would highly recommend Ahrefs. It’s no secret this software is arguably the most comprehensive, feature-packed keyword research tool available today.

      Their database contains over seven billion keywords, refreshed on a daily basis, and features data across over 170 countries. You also gain keyword ideas for not just Amazon but ten different search engines in total. Add in that it covers every metric you can think of, throws in helpful suggestions, and performs competitive research. It’s easy to see why Ahrefs is so popular with SEO experts – and those simply searching for Amazon keywords.

      With such a wide range of features that can help with everything from improved conversion rates to PPC campaigns, it shouldn’t shock you that Ahrefs doesn’t come free of charge. The cheapest package is available for $99 per month, which means it could be out of your price range if you’re just beginning to boost your search on Amazon visibility.

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        Keyword Tool

        With a name like that, it shouldn’t shock you to see Keyword Tool on this list! Seeing itself as the next best alternative to Keyword Planner by Google, the free version of Keyword Tool is suitable for most Amazon-based projects.

        Simply make a search query for a keyword, and it’ll generate up to 750 suggestions for suitable long-tail keywords. Best of all, Keyword Tool also has an option that is built specifically for Amazon. Simply select the “Amazon” tab before inputting your search term, and it’ll produce a list of targeted keywords for use on the retail giant’s website.

        Due to how easy Keyword Tool is to use along with its great free version, this solution is ideal for beginners.

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          Ryan Flannagan
          Ryan Flannagan

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