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Cambridge Leadership Group, established in 1995, works with top ranked businesses wishing to have leadership consulting to improve productivity and efficiency. With their Ivy league education, Cambridge Leadership Group excels at providing the best business consulting to their clients. This mission is to leverage the very best from multiple disciplines and create leadership principles and practices that empower people.

  • Cambridge Leadership Group works with Fortune 500 companies and Global 100 companies
  • Over 25 years experience in various fields

While Cambridge Leadership Groups strategies are top notch, they needed a new website to display their effectiveness.

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Impressions on potential clients are of the utmost importance to Cambridge leadership, thus, the design process was highly collaborative and in-depth. Working closely with the team at Cambridge, and getting to know their brand, mission, product, and goals enable us to create a site full of custom graphics and design elements that exemplified authority while maintaining simplicity and a seamless user experience. Design was the cornerstone of this project, and making sure each element worked towards creating an overall brand and experience that represented Cambridge’s experience and authority in their field.

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In the end, Cambridge Leadership Group was provided with a clean, professional, and functional website. In the in-depth collaboration between Cambridge Leadership Group and Nuanced Media lead to a completely unique, one of a kind website that allows visitors to see exactly how experienced and knowledgeable this group truly is.

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