The Real Cost Of Websites
Written by: Zoe Loffreda

What Are Website Cost Factors?

A lot of different features can go into a website that people (who don’t work in the B2B web design agency) may not consider when purchasing a website. In some occasions, an advanced website with multiple features can run a business a sizable amount of money…but why?

Creating advanced websites are not just a quick 2-hour endeavor, but may take up to several months before it goes live. We have no bias against that quick 2 hour DIY websites (sometimes, they are the best fit for certain situations and should be utilized), but we wanted to show our readers what all goes into an everything from a basic webpage to a highly advanced web page.

While we, as an agency, wouldn’t feel comfortable giving you an exact cost of websites (this should be determined through many different factors and a Discovery Process), we sorted out different features, strategies, and other options that may determine what rank of website may fit your company best.



What will your website look like? 

website cost factors breakdown-design

The design is the most customer focused aspect of a good website. Make sure you and your company know if you want a templated or a custom crafted website. Don’t be afraid to develop a brand identity and style tiles to match your company’s look. Although pages depend on your (developed) theme, pages number may vary depends on your business’s needs.



How will your website be created?

website cost factors breakdown-strategies

Regardless of the look of your website, the strategy behind building it is key. How, will your and your digital agency go about developing this website? Will you be creating Thought Leadership and SEO Optimization? Depending on your company’s needs, these are all very important aspects to look into.


Optional Services

What else will your company need?

website cost factors breakdown-optional services


With main design and strategy taken care of, it’s time to look into other website options. While these may not be necessary, it’s also recommended to keep your website growing. Estimate the costs of developing your re-imagined website with our Website Cost Calculator

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