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About Our Team

Nuanced Media’s team focuses on creating continued business growth for clients. Our marketers and strategists determine which market segments are most likely to seek the client’s products and services, while blending extensive knowledge of internet resources with innovative marketing methods. Nuanced Media designers and developers craft sleek, purpose-built websites. Along with supporting staff, our team works together to produce the best possible results for clients.

Ryan Flannagan

Ryan is passionate about thought leadership, experience sharing and collaboration in the digital space. He utilizes his in-depth market analysis capabilities and understanding of complex technologies to provide optimum service.

He is well-known in the community for strong involvement, candor and leadership, as well as for his commitment to generously contributing in-kind services to nonprofits.

Ian Fox


Born in a small town in the west, Ian spent most of his life in the dustbowl of Tucson, riding horses to and from his one-room school where he recited arithmetic facts for hours at a time. This proved to be the highlight of his days, and inspired him to get a bachelors and masters in Mathematics at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

Post-college, he spends most of his time creating programs for “computers” – machines which can, basically, recite the arithmetic facts of his youth – but now billions of these facts, every second! It continues to delight and amaze him, no matter how many times he makes use of them.

Steven Edwards

Lead Business Development Strategist
Steven grew up in Minnesota, but made the decision to move to Arizona after wanting something a little warmer. He graduated from the University of Arizona’s School of Business, majoring in Marketing. He gained many years of management experience while running a movie theater in Tucson. Many people who meet Steven would say he is very outgoing.

In Steven’s free time, you may find him playing drums or listening to music. After meeting Steven, you might find that you both have a few common music interests, as he has a passion for all types of music. Steven also enjoys going to the movies and playing video games. He always enjoys going to new places and trying new things.

Chelsea Kohagura

Business Manager
Chelsea was born and raised right outside of Washington D.C. but now resides in Tucson, Arizona. Professionally she has been focused on perfecting business management for the last 6 years. She started out with small businesses when she was younger but then was handed larger volume management after she discovered she had a natural instinct for it. She found a passion for understanding people and helping grow businesses along the way.

When she’s not working she’s traveling or exploring something new. She loves to find the good in everything, helping wherever she can and being close to her family. Downtown is her happy place as she’s still a city girl at heart.

Nikita Babichev

Señor Graphic Designer

Nikita was sent from Russia to join the best marketing agency in the Southwest. He is so old that he started to design when to draw a line took you coding “line (20,20)-(30,50),1”. However today he is armed with classic art education and modern graphic design weapons and always ready to go extra mile taking care of our projects.

When not designing he fixes things which his little daughters destroyed in his absence.

Seandean Anderson

Graphic Designer

Seandean (Shawn • Deen) left small-town Winslow in Northern Arizona to do bigger, bolder things. Choosing to relocate to Tucson to study at the University of Arizona, the hometown-big-city culture has charmed her to stay. Ever since taking an opportunity to intern for a Beijing, China based company, Seandean has continually been fighting the ever-present side effects of wanderlust.

Being creative and her attention to detail flows through her veins and her love for Asian culture fills her soul.

When not creating efficient design for Nuanced Media clients, she’s found hiking Tumamoc Hill, challenging herself amongst peers in Orangetheory or napping in the warm, Tucson sunshine.

Romina Ceceña

Account Executive

Born and raised in the city of the sun, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Romina is a true global thinker always on the look to make things, execute ideas, and tell stories that move people. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Marketing and International Business where she excelled her leadership and involvement in various clubs and associations right from the beginning. With her natural curiosity and passion for life, she calls her job a playground full of opportunities to create an impact. When she is not being a team player at Nuanced Media, you can find Romina exploring all types of music venues, volunteering her time in the community, or jamming to the Beatles while on a spontaneous road trip to the beach with her friends and family.

Cody Kennedy

Account Executive

Growing up in the dust of the southwest, Cody developed a fascination with film, music, and art, which led him to pursue his undergraduate studies in Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. There he developed a keen interest in the potential of the internet and new media to influence people and culture, while also remaining an advocate of the power of personal narrative storytelling in an increasingly abstract media landscape. Cody was most recently coordinator of National Commercial Accounts for a major environmental services company, and also brings to the table years of experience in the AV industry, in video production, editing, audio mixing and live videography.

When he’s not furiously typing at a keyboard or running around with a camera on his shoulders, Cody enjoys playing with his infant daughter, cooking various kinds of pasta, noodling on synths and guitar, and taking his S.O. to movies at the Loft Cinema and to drink in the saloons of Bisbee, AZ.

Stephanie Stanley

Account Executive

After growing up in the midwest, Stephanie took the leap to move to Tucson for a new adventure. Her background is in event planning, where she helped create fun and educational events for non-profit organizations. This gave her the skills to juggle multiple projects at once while maintaining excellent customer service. She is very involved in her new community as a Board Chair for the local Public Relations Society of America chapter.

When she is not at work or working in the community, Stephanie can be found on hiking trails with her husband and their two pups, trying out local restaurants and breweries, or planning her next trip to somewhere new!

Cece Trevino

Digital Marketing Strategist

Though she was born and raised in Mohave Valley, Arizona, Cece really found her home and heart in Tucson. If you ask, she’d tell you she moved for college, but stayed for the culture, food, and the amazing people she met here. A graduate of the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management, she studied Marketing and Communication, finding her career interests in social media, email marketing, and public relations.

Cece’s hobbies include: listening to podcasts, painting, and playing Dungeon & Dragons on Tuesdays. If she isn’t doing any of those, she’s probably binge watching The Office for the 7th time or bugging her boyfriend to get them a dog.

Samantha Tran

Digital Marketing Strategist
New to the Sonoran Desert, Samantha was raised in the great Lone Star state of Texas. With an eye for adventure, she found herself falling in love with the culture and people of Tucson as soon as she got here. She graduated from Texas A&M University    (Whoop!) with a degree in Marketing, where she found her passion for combining creativity with the digital world. She finds herself working with her team, experimenting, and learning every day.

In her free time, you can catch Samantha in the kitchen putting together another creative dish, on a hike somewhere on Mount Lemmon, rolling some D&D die, or just enjoying the beautiful Tucson weather. Forever a high spirited person, Samantha loves to have fun wherever she is.