The #1 Mistake E-Commerce Businesses Make
Written by: Zoe Loffreda

It’s a sea of business out there. Whether you are selling something as small as Christmas ornaments or something as large as farming tractors you actually have a lot in common. Ignoring the obvious differences, you both rely on your customers to keep your company alive and not just in the exchange of currency. How does one stand out in a place like the internet, a place where companies get swept up in the ocean of competition? The answer is much simpler that you would expect. So, where lies your mistake?


The #1 mistake e-commerce businesses make is not fully utilizing Google Star Ratings.

reseller rating extensions


Your company may be missing out on a simple e-commerce tip that will set you above your competition. These visual stars are not only more alluring to a new possible customer, but will make you stand out amongst your competitors. However, it may be difficult to get customer reviews up and running.


How do you get a star rating in your PPC or Organic Search Results?

There are plenty of third party extensions to get you on your way and we’re personally reviewed three of the top seller extensions ratings for you. These tools will help optimize your Organic and PPC star ratings and your company will become competitive against major e-commerce leaders, such as Amazon.



An astonishing 72% of customers base their purchases on previous customer reviews [WebRepublic]. That many people probably don’t trust their own mother as much when it comes to buying a product or using a service. People are no longer asking acquaintances or coworkers for recommendations – they are basing their opinions on that of online strangers knowing they can find honest reviews for just about anything. This gives your business more credibility as you improve customer loyalty by showing new customers that your product or service can be trusted.



Not only do these ratings give your company more credibility – there is much more money to be made. Products with positive customer reviews sold 200% more than those without [VPDM]. Just let that sink in. Google has stated that there is on average a 17% rise in Click-Through-Rates for advertisers whose ads had seller ratings displayed. This not only means more visits to your site but more purchases for your products. Something as simply as a positive customer review can boost your sales to a whole different level, all while letting your satisfied customers do the work for you.



If you’re not already convinced, businesses with high star ratings and more positive reviews have much higher SEO ratings. Your company will be more visible when people are searching for the product or service that you provide. More organic searches mean less money you will have to pay if your company is advertising online. Prominent SEO = higher organic presence. It’s truly a win-win. For more insider advice on how to increase your profits, check out these 25 tips that will help you boost your e-commerce sales.

Zoe Loffreda
Zoe Loffreda

Zoe is an east coast native recently thrown into the world of the South West. Shortly after graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Telecommunication and Sociology, she began working in New York City following her love for fashion, beauty, and social media. As a Community Manager, Zoe obtains a better understanding of Nuanced Media’s public relations and faces each situation head on. When not at the office, you can find Zoe spending time with either her cats or her Netflix.

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