How to Analyze Amazon PPC Data: Our Tips & Tricks
Written by: Ryan Flannagan

Do you want to make the most of your Amazon PPC campaigns?

If so, then you need to make sure that you are taking the time to analyze the relevant data.

Often one of the least popular tasks concerning pay-per-click advertising, if you don’t want to throw good money away, then PPC data analytics is a must.

Whether you don’t know where to begin when it comes to analyzing Amazon PPC data or you want to delve a little deeper into your campaign performance, the below tips and tricks are just what you need!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Amazon analytics and how to use your data to make your budget work harder for you and your Amazon business.

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Identify Your Campaign Goals

Before you even start thinking about analyzing your Amazon PPC data, you first need to identify what it is you want to achieve from each campaign.

Are you looking to increase sales? Boost your overall conversion rate? Promote a new product or service? Or maybe you need to boost brand awareness and online visibility?

Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need to be clear about your goals if you want to make the most of your ad spend and be able to effectively adjust bids.

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Look at Previous Trends

You can’t hope to optimize future Amazon PPC campaigns if you don’t first have a good understanding of previous trends and cycles. This is particularly important if you are looking to analyze seasonal data.

You can carry out trend analysis in Amazon reporting and look at elements such as patterns throughout the year to determine how to maximize your next PPC campaign on Amazon. It can also help you to understand how different Amazon KPIs interact with one another which can help you to spend more efficiently.

Understand Different Amazon Reports

When it comes to Amazon PPC management, there is a multitude of different reporting tools that you can use on Amazon based on what type of campaigns you run. For example, you can run reports on sponsored products, sponsored brands ads, sponsored brands campaigns, and sponsored display ads.

You can also monitor and track a wide range of different analytics, such as customer search terms, clicks, click-through rates, and page impressions.

Depending on the specific data that you want to analyze, you can use Amazon Seller Central to find out the information you need at a touch of a button.

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Learn From Your Amazon Reports

It is one thing to take the time to run reports on Amazon but quite another to learn from them for any future PPC campaigns.

As the most popular and profitable selling site in the world, Amazon is constantly evolving, so you need to make sure that you remain up to date with any changes to their advertising platform.

The beauty of Amazon reporting is that it allows you to see exactly what you are doing right and where you can make improvements. Plus, with each campaign report that you run, you can learn more about your customers and how they find your products on Amazon.

Don’t forget that you can also use Amazon reports to conduct more effective keyword research and find different customer search terms, such as negative keywords. You can also use this to inform keyword match types when advertising your product listing. For example, is broad match the best choice for you?

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Hire an Amazon Agency

PPC advertising offers one of the most effective ways to advertise your products on Amazon, and it only works if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting your money on ads that do not convert.

If you are new to the world of Amazon PPC advertising or you are not seeing the results that you want, then you may want to think about enlisting the help of an Amazon consultant who will know all the latest techniques and tricks to make the most out of your ad spend and help you to learn more about PPC optimization.

5 Top Amazon Reports You Need to Run

As mentioned briefly above, there is a wide range of Amazon advertising reporting tools that you can utilize as part of your Amazon PPC management, depending on what you want to achieve from each PPC campaign. That being said, there are some Amazon reports that are more useful than others.

If you are short on time or have limited resources, then it can be a good idea to focus your efforts on the below Amazon reporting tools:

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1. Search Term Report

This is one of the most popular Amazon reporting tools, and for very good reason. Designed to align search terms your customers use with your PPC keywords, the Amazon Search Term Report enables you to build a list of effective keywords that are much more likely to deliver the results you need.

You can also use this reporting tool to find negative keywords for your next PPC campaign to make the most out of your budget and avoid wasting your precious ad spend on clicks that will not convert.

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2. Placement Report

If you want an Amazon reporting tool that provides a lot of useful data in one place, then this is the report for you. Similar to Advertising Manager, you can use the Amazon Campaign Placement Report to set bid adjustments for specific ad placements and also to see if your product is best showcased at the top of search results or when shown on other ASIN’s detail pages.

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3. Advertised Products Report

An advertised products report provides you with highly useful insights into the performance data and metrics for your advertised ASINs in all of your campaigns that have received at least one impression.

This Amazon reporting tool is easy to use, but it is worth noting that it will exclude any data relating to other products that were purchased through your Amazon ad.

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4. Targeting Report

If you are looking for a report that contains data about the overall performance of your targets, then this is the one for you. Whether you want to find out data for keyword research, products, categories, or specific brands, the Amazon Targeting Report enables you to look back on 90 days of data.

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5. Purchased Product Report

The Purchased Product Report provides you with performance details of advertised ASINs that you did not specifically target, but that someone purchased as a result of clicking on your ad. This is a great reporting tool for finding new leads and opportunities.

Ryan Flannagan
Ryan Flannagan

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