LinkedIn for Prospecting
Written by: Zoe Loffreda

How To Use LinkedIn For Sales Prospecting

While LinkedIn may not be the most exciting platform in the realm of social media, when it comes to the sales process it has the most to offer. With over 360 million users and growing (Statista), LinkedIn is quickly becoming the main platform for connecting with colleagues and prospecting leads. Now, this isn’t just downright stalking your doing. Prospecting through LinkedIn is a key aspect of the b2b sales cycle.

But first, let’s take a look at your very own LinkedIn profile.


How’s it look?

Before we get into how to use LinkedIn as a prospecting resource, let’s make sure your profile is looking 100%.

Your LinkedIn Profile is 11x more likely to be viewed if you include a photo (KissMetrics). If you don’t have a profile picture, be sure to add one. Make your profile picture something professional: not a 4-year-old picture of your favorite frat party (this hopefully will not come to a surprise to anyone).

However, here are some not-so-obvious tips:

    • Make sure your profile is complete
      • Current job title, previous work, your industry, headline
      • Don’t forget education and volunteer work!
    • Don’t be afraid to push posts
      • Pieces you have written
      • Articles that pertain to your industry
    • Your summary should have keywords that grab attention and come up in searches
      • For example – Professional, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, Campaigns
    • Join LinkedIn Groups related to your industry
      • Find contacts, build rapport, and nurture leads
      • Find mutual interests/relationships

When it comes to prospecting, LinkedIn is also great for creating that first point of contact.

If you notice a company you are interested in is hiring, promoting, moving, or anything similar – this gives you to have a nice icebreaker with your lead. This shows your lead you have done your research and shows them you actually care. Trust is an important part of the sales process, and by researching their LinkedIn you can gain it.

Along with this, LinkedIn shows you who the decision makers are within said company: President, CEO, Upper Level Management. Finding multiple points of entry (people of interest) gives you, the sales person, a better likelihood of reaching out to someone that matters and will listen to what you have to say. This also gives you contact through different doors within the company – as one individual may not understand your worth, a different individual might.

These steps will not only create a more professional LinkedIn for yourself with future employers, but also bridge the gap to prospecting leads within the LinkedIn Community. LinkedIn is one of the most valuable resources for the sales person, as it gives your multiple different levels of insight into a company you have interest in and creates a network of likeminded business people to learn from.

Zoe Loffreda
Zoe Loffreda

Zoe is an east coast native recently thrown into the world of the South West. Shortly after graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Telecommunication and Sociology, she began working in New York City following her love for fashion, beauty, and social media. As a Community Manager, Zoe obtains a better understanding of Nuanced Media’s public relations and faces each situation head on. When not at the office, you can find Zoe spending time with either her cats or her Netflix.

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