Lunt Solar Systems

$18,000,000 Gross Revenue Generated in Under 6 Weeks

Client Overview

Lunt Solar Systems is a state of the art manufacturing and sales facility in Arizona and the largest producer of solar telescopes in the US. Lunt is responsible for the design, fabrication, assembling, and personal testing of solar telescopes and solar filters.

While Lunt’s products are cutting-edge, they came to Nuanced Media looking to help them launch and optimize an Amazon campaign targeted at the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Nuanced Media Services Used:


Preparing to move 5-7 million eclipse products in a 30-day window creates a unique set of logistics challenges. Nuanced Media worked with Lunt Solar Systems to determine the potential distribution methods including Mall Kiosks, Brick and Mortar distribution, direct distribution, pick and pack shipping partners and other options. Upon reviewing costs and challenges, Amazon was the obvious leader but offered some unique challenges.

Key Challenges

  • Identification of the Best Distribution Challenge.
  • Logistics of Selling 5-7 Millions of Products in a 30-Day Window.
  • Counterfeit Competitive Products.


    While Lunt was advertising heavily on Amazon, it was mission-critical to have a concrete off-Amazon strategy to increase product sales, establish additional credibility, and drive brand awareness. In addition, ensuring counterfeit products didn’t enter the market was important. A brand protection strategy was executed involving Brand Registry enrollment, monitoring listings rigorously, educating consumers about authentication, and collaborating closely with Amazon to remove counterfeit products swiftly.

    Key Solutions

    • In-depth analysis of offline and online strategies to identify best opportunities.
    • Modifying existing campaigns to spotlight the most effective product variation and creating Defense and Offense campaigns.
    • Establish a brand protection strategy to avoid counterfeit products.


      Our initial goals were to drive $5 million in gross revenue on Amazon with a direct d spend of 9% or less. By combining the above strategies and applying dynamic repricing and aggressive marketing leading to peak demand, our final result was $18,000,000+ in gross revenue and a direct advertising spend of less than 1.8%.

      Additionally, Andy Lunt was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, TIME and the Weather Channel. His product was listed or discussed in hundreds of publications including the Washington Post.

      Gross Revenue Generated in Under 6 Weeks


      Total Advertising Spend

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