Lux Unfiltered

Transforming Amazon Novice to Market Contender:
How Lux Unfiltered Achieved Seven-Figure Sales Growth


Lux Unfiltered is a premium skincare brand committed to delivering luxurious, high-quality products that promote healthy and radiant skin. With a focus on natural ingredients and innovative formulations, Lux Unfiltered offers a range of skincare essentials designed to nourish and rejuvenate like their award-winning self-tanning cream.

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Lux Unfiltered has successfully established a robust brand presence outside of Amazon. However, since their Amazon debut, sales have primarily relied on traffic from branded terms, indicating strong brand recognition and customer loyalty. Yet, this also suggests limited visibility beyond existing customers, missing out on scaling opportunities and profit. Scaling on non-branded terms often demands substantial advertising investment to drive sales and enhance organic ranking. Therefore, a precise strategy is essential to optimize the utilization of the allocated budget effectively to maximize efforts and achieve optimal results.
Our objective was to enhance sales on non-branded terms, broaden their reach, and elevate Lux Unfiltered to prominence in the fiercely competitive beauty market.

Key Challenges

  • Achieving growth on non-branded keyword terms while maintaining profitability.
  • Generating sales on non-brand terms in a competitive and expensive market.
  • Addressing challenges related to seasonal product fluctuation.
  • Strengthening overall brand presence and credibility on Amazon to compete with industry giants.


    We devised a structured pay-per-click (PPC) strategy targeting non-branded terms with high search volume, ensuring broader audience reach. Leveraging Sponsored Product (SP), Sponsored Brands (SB), and Sponsored Display (SD) ads facilitated enhanced visibility and retargeting. During peak seasons, we scaled up advertising to meet heightened demand and scaled down during off-peak periods to maintain profitability. This dynamic approach optimized PPC campaigns year-round, sustaining profitability and driving year-over-year sales growth.

    Key Solutions

    • Strategic PPC campaign targeting non-branded high-volume keywords.
    • Placement of SP, SB, and SD ads to boost qualified traffic and retargeting.
    • Dynamic scaling to maintain seasonal profitability.
    • Listing optimization; keyword optimize their copy, images/videos, A+ content, and reviews.


      During our time managing Amazon PPC, we achieved remarkable sales growth milestones. In our first year, we soared by a whopping 294.53%, jumping from six figures to seven. This success highlighted the efficacy of our strategies and the strong market demand for our products. In our second year, our momentum persisted, with an impressive 89.21% growth within the seven-figure range, solidifying our position as a thriving market force. These consecutive years of substantial growth demonstrate our consistent delivery of exceptional results and adaptability to evolving market conditions.


      Growth in Year 1 from 6 figure sales to 7 figures


      Growth in Year 2 within the 7 figures total sales

      Organic ranking position in the Body Bronzers Category


      We were researching different agencies specializing in Amazon, and several people I talked to referred me to Nuanced Media. We felt comfortable with them after our initial meeting, and we liked how transparent their pricing was and how easy it was to work with them. We’ve seen a significant increase in the volume of sales, traffic, and organic ranking since partnering with Nuanced Media. Their biggest strength is their deep understanding and experience in Amazon PPC marketing. Moreover, they’re very easy to work with their transparent communication — they execute their tasks seamlessly and don’t overpromise, so it’s been a great experience.

      Paul R.

      COO, Lux Unfiltered

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