Making Tucson Better! Greater Tucson Leadership & Tucson Young Professionals
Written by: Ryan Flannagan

Do you believe in a better Tucson? How do we grow Tucson’s professional community? What does Tucson need to grow?

As a Tucsonan, (well, I was born in New York and moved here when I was 4 so that is as close as you get) I have always been interested in answering these questions. Tucson has a wonderful big town/small city feel to it and it is a great place to raise a family, go to college and/or start a business. However, every town/city has room for improvement; after researching some of the local professional organization options, I decided to get involved in the two following organizations.

Greater Tucson Leadership

Greater Tucson LeadershipGreater Tucson Leadership (GTL) was founded in the early 1980’s and has over 800 alumni based in the Tucson area. GTL’s mission is to inspire, develop, identify and promote leadership in greater Tucson. GTL is greatly supported by the Tucson community, including distinguished individuals such as Mayor Walkup, from both Tucson’s private and public sectors.

Essentially, GTL puts together a class of uniquely qualified Tucsonans who desire to become leaders in Tucson. GTL’s ten-month leadership program goals are:

  1. to engage in relevant community and regional issues
  2. to connect and engage with political, community and cultural leaders
  3. to encourage each participant to implement a community and individual leadership practice

Tucson Young Professionals

Tucson Young ProfessionalsTucson Young Professionals (TYP) is a group of young business and community leaders focused on the promotion, attraction and retention of young professionals in Tucson. TYP is engaged in finding a young professional voice to re-energize Tucson.

TYP is well known for their First Friday (FF) events. As the name implies, these events occur on the first Friday of every month. First Friday’s are a place for Tucson’s young professional crowd to gather and simultaneously enjoy local art, music, and food.  Each FF provides an opportunity for its patrons to leave their casual wear at home, don more formal apparel, and delight in various local talents.

These two separate organizations provide a valuable service to the Tucson community by supplying an opportunity to become a leader and by providing an active young professional community for the greater Tucson area. These are fundamental components of any city. In order to grow as a city, Tucson needs future leaders and a vibrant young professional community.


Are interested in helping to make Tucson a better place?

If you are interested, I would highly recommend visiting either of these two organizations. These two areas of interest might not directly fit your passion; however, the individuals involved in these organizations have connections all over Tucson with numerous groups. Professionally, TYP and GTL have introduced Nuanced Media to many opportunities such as new clientele, projects of passion (Pro Bono), and great individuals. On a personal note, I have had a wonderful time at both the GTL retreat, government day and meeting the members of TYP. Both of these organizations have assisted in honing Nuanced Media’s mission and passion.

Based on these interactions Nuanced Media’s new mission statement is “To assist organizations in increasing online visibility, professionalism, and connectivity.” These 3 attributes are very important for any professional entity and are especially important for the greater Tucson community. Any journalist, soccer mom, large company or college student can Google Tucson + “add key phrase here” while conducting research. Nuanced’s vision is to make this as positive of an experience as possible for these individuals. Based on these online experiences, Tucson as a community will make a stronger positive first impression and will increase incoming professionals, companies, and will create positive news stories.

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