Marketing Is Dead Index



Join the Marketing Revolution

Chapter 1: The Problem With Traditional B2B Marketing

Chapter 2: A Lesson About B2B Marketing History

Chapter 3: The 21st Century Consumer

Chapter 4: Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing

Chapter 5: The Marketing Paradigm Shift

Chapter 6: Inbound Marketing 201

Chapter 7: A Complete Overview Of The Buyer’s Journey

Chapter 8:The Buyer’s Journey Awareness Stage

Chapter 9: The Buyer’s Journey Consideration Stage

Chapter 10: The Buyer’s Journey Decision Stage

Chapter 11: Advising Your Inbound Sales

Chapter 12: Inbound Methodology

Chapter 13: Attraction Marketing

Chapter 14: Owned Media

Chapter 15: Earned Media

Chapter 16: Paid Media

Chapter 17: Conversion Marketing

Chapter 18: Your Website – The Hub of Your Digital Marketing Wheel

Chapter 19: Lead Generation Tips for the 21st Century

Chapter 20: Thought Leadership Marketing

Chapter 21: Inbound Sales Techniques

Chapter 22: Marketing Automation vs. CRM

Chapter 23: Marketing Automation Strategy 101

Chapter 24: Zen and the Art of Lead Nurturing

Chapter 25: Qualifying Vs Non Qualifying Leads

Chapter 26: Customer Relationship Management 101

Chapter 27: The Sales Pipeline

Chapter 28: Community Building

Chapter 29: Customer Retention

Chapter 30: Social Media Community

Chapter 31: Outsourcing Marketing

Chapter 32: Calculating a Marketing Budget

Chapter 33: Measuring Marketing Metrics

Chapter 34: Calculating Marketing ROI

Chapter 35: The Insider’s Guide to Hiring a Marketer

Chapter 36: How to Choose a Marketing Agency

Chapter 37: Should I Hire an Agency or a Marketer?

Chapter 38: Analytical Tools

Chapter 39: The Customer Journey


Forget dated marketing strategies of yesteryear and focus on the business development strategies of this century. The consumer is changing just as fast as the industry is. Learn how marketing is evolving into business development, understand the new digital buyer and their journey, build business credibility & sales funnels, and focus on the complete customer lifecycle. Let’s change the way marketing is done.