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Written by: Ryan Flannagan
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In today’s world, medical websites are becoming more than just a place to introduce your staff and show your phone number and location. Medical website content is a way to connect with your current patients and speak to potential patients. Medical websites with more content also have a better chance to rank higher in search engine results against their competitors. Because of the way search algorithms such as Google work, websites with more relevant content are labeled as reliable and therefore come up higher in search rankings, allowing potential helps patients who are searching for specific terms to see your practice first over your competitors. It’s a lot to have to consider, and we know that doctors and medical professionals have much more important things to worry about than what to put on your website. This is where we come in.  We at Nuanced Media are digital marketing experts and can tell you exactly what to include to make your site not only relevant, but easily found. Below we’ve made a list of 10 content ideas that can be written by either your medical professionals or other staff members.




1. Detail your products and services

The most important part of your website will be informing patients about what you do and how you do it better than your competition. Be detailed, and give statistics and success rates to assure your patients that they are in good hands. Giving these facts and detailed information on your website calms fears and doubts, converting their curiosity into appointments, and allowing them to trust you more when they finally meet with you for an appointment.


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2. Testimonials

As a digital marketing and web design agency with multiple medical clients, we find testimonials to be a secret weapon that is not used very frequently by medical practices. Testimonials allow potential patients to connect with your practice through the success stories of your past patients. Although doctors are some of the most trusted people in the professional world, people tend to trust patient referrals over doctor referrals. They want to hear experiences from the people who have already been through the process before they commit.


3. Case Studies

Case studies are a good way to show how effective your products and services are. Take some time to study some of your most successful cases and detail how their symptoms began, what their treatment consisted of and how long it took. Don’t be afraid to include setbacks, as it only shows your practice’s ability to find and correct problems in treatment. Include statistics, medication and patient quotes.


4. Answer patients’ frequently asked questions

Leave question cards in patients’ rooms, or include a question section on your website for patients to ask questions. This enables your visitors to get answers to questions that they may have never thought of. This vault of patient questions will increase your site’s (and therefore your practice’s) authority level in search ranking because blogs, patients, and other websites will link to your site for specific questions.


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5. Information about medications

Patients always seem to have questions about general medications and their uses. So take a few minutes, have one of your doctors on staff write about general medications that your practice prescribes to patients, and add recommended uses related to your specialty.


6. Blog posts following the latest news in your field

There are two advantages to this type of content. First, people love organizations that are informed and share their take on current events relating to their field. These blogs act as a way to have their questions answered and to read related stories or perspectives of a medical practice. Second, commenting on these stories, whether they be small or large scale, will increase your website’s (and therefore your practice’s) authority and search rankings because you are actively participating in the online community.


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7. Youtube Videos

Youtube Videos are an easy way to engage with your audience by sharing some of your practices favorite health topics.


8. Post the latest happenings in your office

Allow your visitors to connect with your doctors and staff and be a part of the office environment. Post holiday greetings, office party pictures, vacation ideas, pranks. Humanizing your staff to potential patients allows for more trust and enjoyment out of treatment.


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9. Ideas for different forms of treatment that can be done at home

Patients are always looking for ways to reduce doctor visits. Sometimes it’s not possible, but other times there are home remedies, lifestyle changes, and exercises that can save your patient’s time, or help problems when appointments are far off or the doctors are not available. These posts have a high probability of being picked up by medical blogs, in turn increasing your website’s authority.


10. Thank Your Patients

This suggestion is not about increasing your search ranking or page authority, it is about showing current and potential patients how much you care and that you appreciate them and their feedback. Practices that connect with patients, keep patients, so make your patients feel special.



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Ryan Flannagan

Ryan Flannagan

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