The Pros And Cons Of Flat Website Design
Written by: Devin Thomas

With many of the major tech companies upgrading to this digital style, you’ve likely heard about flat design. Studies show that 38% of web users will leave a website if it’s unattractive. This simple, crisp design has risen as a solution. But even though it works for the latest and greatest, how do you know if it will work for you? If cost is your largest determinant, make a rough estimate of your website design costs with our web cost calculator. To decide whether to switch up your B2B web development to incorporate flat design, consider the following pros and cons.

Pros of flat web design

With its professional-looking interface and general usability, it’s no wonder that flat design has become so popular. Here are some reasons that this style might benefit your B2B marketing.

  • Friendly And Flexible Interface: When executed well, flat design can be just what your business needs for more responsive design. The 2D grid-like structure shows up well on both desktop and mobile. And when you want to switch up its design, you can easily do so.
  • Crisp Design: With flat design, typography and other graphics are clean and crisp. With little room for frill, it really makes the content stand out. Since the general layout of the site is pretty simple, the graphic design can really do most of the heavy lifting. The result is quite professional.
  • Colorful Palettes: Just as the typography and graphics stand out on flat design, this type of design also allows designers to use bold color without risk of looking tacky. There are usually one or two main colors with an accent color as support.


Cons of flat web design

When it comes to your B2B website design, this flat layout may not be the best choice. While there are certainly perks, the following are some of the downfalls.

  • Trendy Features: Popular doesn’t necessarily mean that something is best for everyone. Flat design and other trendy design features can get repetitive, so you do run the risk of using generic, yet trendy, website features.
  • Obvious Mistakes: B2B web development needs to be professional and without design flaws. But when you do make a mistake, it will be quite obvious on the simplistic design.
  • Lack Of Originality: With so many companies using flat design, it’s more difficult to make your design stand out. You will need to put extra creativity into your design services to make your website it’s own.

With so many design options out there, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your B2B web development. The key is to work with the right B2B marketing agency to determine which design is best suited for the nature of your business. Then you can build the rest of your marketing strategy from there.

Devin Thomas
Devin Thomas

Devin is a Tucson native and recent graduate from the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management, finishing his degree in Marketing. Some of his career interests lie in advertising, consumer psychology and digital communication. When given free time, Devin enjoys listening to music, exploring Tucson and beyond, and eating. Want to make his day? Show him a picture of a puppy. He loves those.

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