The Do’s and Don’ts of Sales Closing Techniques
Written by: Zoe Loffreda

How Do You Properly Close A Sale?

In our previously posted B2B Sales Process focused blogs, we talked about the importance of research. While research is an incredibly important step in finding the right leads for your company, the hardest part is right ahead for you. After finding that perfect lead and taking it to the next step, it’s time to close.

Closing sales can be the most difficult part of the process for even the most experienced salesperson. Confidence is key in most situations, but especially in closing the sale. While you still need to be a relatable person while closing; it’s important to say calm, cool, and collected. Your leads are aware of you trying to sell to them, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like a stereotypical salesperson (no one wants to deal with that).

Important to note: If your sales process has gotten to this step, your lead is undoubtedly interested in what you have to offer. Now you just have to make them see even more value and seal the deal.

So, what exactly does closing the sale mean?

Closing is a sales term which refers to the process of making a sale. In sales, it is used more generally to mean achievement of the desired outcome, which may be an exchange of money or acquiring a signature (Cram 101).


With that in mind let’s begin the Do’s and Don’ts of Sales Closing Techniques.

√ Do – Plan your strategy ahead of time
This leads to a lessened chance of an awkward silence
X Don’t – Be Unprepared
This makes your lead feel like you may not know what you are talking about and can diminish your confidence

√ Do – Build Rapport
Start a conversation – Ask them about their day
Relate to them
X Don’t – Jump straight into sales talk
You will lose the interest of your lead

√ Do – Help your prospect
Show interest in their problems – Listen
Don’t – Ignore their issues and get straight to your point
Offer them something
Don’t focus on closing

√ Do – Instill value in your products or services
Clients want to hear how you will help them
X Don’t – Give up if your client is pushing back
Always be moving forward

√ Do – Tell stories from the past
Talk about previous clients that are similar and how you have assisted them
X Don’t – Do anything
Don’t forget this is a person you are talking to; they want to hear how you have assisted people in the past


If there’s one thing to gain from all these Do’s and Don’ts is that instilling confidence in yourself and your prospects is the most important thing. Not only do you want to come across as an expert in your field (which you hopefully are), but you need your lead to know that what they are hopefully signing up for has the most benefits for their company. Rapport and storytelling establishes trust in your client, making your relationship with them more than just another person you are selling to.

Zoe Loffreda
Zoe Loffreda

Zoe is an east coast native recently thrown into the world of the South West. Shortly after graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Telecommunication and Sociology, she began working in New York City following her love for fashion, beauty, and social media. As a Community Manager, Zoe obtains a better understanding of Nuanced Media’s public relations and faces each situation head on. When not at the office, you can find Zoe spending time with either her cats or her Netflix.

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