SellerApp Review: Can this All-In-One Platform Help Your E-Commerce Business Thrive?

Written by: Ryan Flannagan

Whether you’re just getting started on Amazon or you’re a veteran seller, it’s important to back up your growth strategies with the highest quality data and metrics out there. With it’s all-in-one marketing, sales, and operations management features, SellerApp’s eCommerce software promises to do just that – and more. In this SellerApp review, we’ll take a look into their software’s key benefits and features, and see whether or not it could be the right fit for your business.

SellerApp in a nutshell:

Put simply, SellerApp is a behavioral-based eCommerce analytics tool that can help you derive more insights from your data. And, with more data at your disposal, you’ll be able to optimize your Amazon listings and (hopefully!) generate more sales.

This SellerApp review discusses it’s multipurpose eCommerce software that allows shop owners to fully capitalize on the full value of their digital data through real-time aggregation and insight analytics. Consequently, these can then be utilized to help your processes, services, and products thrive in Amazon’s crowded market.

Key Benefits: 

Next, let’s take a closer look at some of SellerApp’s biggest features:

  • PPC optimization & automation: With this tool, you can increase conversions without spending more on ads through keyword mining and optimized targeting.

  • Profit Management: With it’s all-in-one dashboard, SellerApp lets you easily track and manage your profits, expenses, and spends.

  • Keyword Discovery: SellerApp helps you navigate keywords by aggregating hundreds of suggestions in real-time, giving you the ability to leverage Amazon’s top-performing product keywords.

  • Smart Product Research: Dig through top product data points and find your next best-seller with just a few clicks.

  • Enhanced Listing Quality: Learn the desirability and discoverability of each of your listings, along with actionable suggestions for improvement.

SellerApp 7-day free trial

Who should use SellerApp?

If you are considering investing in a new management suite for your growing Amazon business, SellerApp might just be the right choice for you if you:

  • Run a small to midsize Amazon enterprise.

  • Have already have a marketing strategy in place, but need help optimizing it.

  • Could benefit from round-the-clock email and phone customer support.

  • Would like a flexible pricing serving that reflects your business’s specific needs.

  • Want to be able to track your competitor’s activities and keyword usage.

SellerApp Reviews from around the web: 

TrustPilot rated SellerApp 4.5/5 stars when compared to other eCommerce management tools. Here’s what some SellerApp users had to say about their experience: 

So is it worth the investment?

We definitely think so, if you are looking for one tool that does many things. Furthermore, SellerApp manages to combine a variety of eCommerce must-haves into one user-friendly platform, making the perfect choice for business owners who want to get the biggest bang for their buck. And with their free 7-day trial, you can experiment with the platform risk-free before taking the big plunge.

If you’re looking to drive more profits and supercharge your Amazon business growth in 2020, SellerApp might just hold the key. 

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Ryan Flannagan
Ryan Flannagan

Ryan Flannagan is the Founder & CEO of Nuanced Media, an international eCommerce marketing agency specializing in Amazon. Nuanced has sold $100s of Millions online and Ryan has built a client base representing a total revenue of over 1.5 billion dollars. Ryan is a published author and has been quoted by a number of media sources such as BuzzFeed, CNBC, and Modern Retail.

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