SellerLabs Ignite Review: How this Software Helps You Take Control of Amazon PPC

Written by: Ryan Flannagan
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ou probably already know this, but Amazon PPC is easily one of the most important aspects of your overall Amazon business strategy. Learning how to properly utilize Amazon PPC can make the difference between getting tons of positive exposure for your products, and barely making a dent in Amazon’s crowded marketplace.

With that being said, there are a wide variety of advertising software geared toward helping Amazon sellers optimize their PPC campaigns, with SellerLabs: Ignite being one of the most well-known options out there. Before we jump into our in-depth SellerLabs review, here’s a quick overview of Ignite.

What is SellerLabs: Ignite?

One of the many options under SellerLab’s software umbrella, Ignite provides Amazon sellers with a complete sponsored products ads system, allowing users to bypass Amazon’s own Seller Central entirely.

Recently, SellerLabs released Ignite 2.0, which includes new features like enhanced keyword metrics, smarter suggestions, and more to make your daily Amazon Ads management even easier.


Some of Ignite’s Biggest Features Include:

In addition to helping sellers develop and manage their sponsored products ads, headline search ads, and product display ads, Ignite offers several advanced and customizable features, including:

  • Replicable campaigns: Quickly and efficiently replicate your most profitable campaigns help reduce time and increase product sales.

  • Access to back-log data: Go beyond Amazon’s 60-day data log to access critical insights, trends, and keywords.

  • Optimize your campaigns in bulk: Ignite offers customizable data filters to help you speed up your workflow and optimize campaigns in bulk.

  • Scheduled ads: Discover the most profitable times for your ads, and easily schedule them accordingly.

  • Automatic keyword suggestions: Find actionable keyword suggestions for your brand campaigns and sponsored products.

  • Weekly Live Software ‘Tours’: Interested sellers can sign up for weekly live demos of Ignite with members of SellerLab’s customer service team.


Potential Drawbacks:

Furthermore, while Ignite is a great tool for optimizing your Amazon PPC campaigns, there are a few cons we are going to address in this SellerLabs: Ignite review to balance out this software’s pros:

This software gets smarter and more efficient the longer you use it, so if you’re looking to skyrocket your results quickly, this product might not be for you.
You’ll need to have a working-to-intermediate knowledge of Amazon PPC, so if you’re a true beginner, consider taking this free Amazon PPC course before jumping in.

Ignite review

User Reviews:

Here’s what Second Skill Studio had to say about Ignite:

“Seller Labs is one of the best Amazon tools there is in the market today. The applications and training materials they provide are highly relevant in growing an Amazon business. There are options to choose from with different software applications that offer distinct benefits. Amazon sellers will find these Amazon tools very useful…”

Seller Robert M. writes this about his company’s experience:

“I am very impressed with Ignite!! My ACOS has dropped down BELOW my target for both campaigns that I have running through Ignite, and my sales continue to CLIMB!! The mathematical accuracy leading to recommendations that are “1-click easy button” are changes I would never have the time to analyze myself. Great product.”

Our Overall Recommendation:

Ignite offers a comprehensive software for those looking to step up their PPC campaigns without expending too much effort. In that respect, it can be a game-changer for a lot of folks, especially when it comes to reducing ACOS. The only real drawback we’ve come across is that the software can be a little overwhelming for Amazon PPC newbies.

Looking to up your Amazon PPC game? Here’s another great resource from a SellerLabs blog.

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