Why You Need to Understand Closing
Written by: Ryan Flannagan
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These last five chapters have given us a lot of insight about the art of closing. Let’s take five to review the key takeaways and reflect on five actions you can take this month to improve your business.


Five Key Takeaways from This Section

  1. Closing is an art. It should be custom-designed to match each organization.
  2. You’re only as good as the systems you put in place.
  3. Knowledge management is the brain and execution of your company.
  4. You’re only as good as your numbers. Your numbers are only as good as how closely you examine them.
  5. B2B closing in this century is too complex to do well without systems in place.

Five Things To Do This Month

  1. Identify the next-step goal for every stage of your sales funnel.
  2. Run through each stage of your pipeline to make sure that it’s easy and intuitive for somebody unfamiliar with the system to get from start to finish.
  3. Identify the three things that differentiate your best customers from the others.
  4. Have a friend cold-call your team and report on the experience.
  5. Find your “Bobs”: your points where the fastest source of information is to “ask Bob.” Target those for immediate systematization.
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