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Why Choose Nuanced Media for Amazon PPC Management?

Managing an Amazon business requires time and constant attention to detail. Amazon PPC is one of the largest components of your business that you’ll spend money on. Without a solid plan, good oversight, and exceptional understanding of the system, you’ll overspend. You may become frustrated. Your business may not grow and thrive as it should. We offer a solution for that.

We Are Amazon PPC Management Agency?

Nuanced Media is a comprehensive Amazon PPC management agency ready to help you and your business. We’ve worked to pull in Amazon experts and develop core resources to help each one of our clients receive customized services that surpass their goals. What are your pain points?

The Competitive Advantage

Struggling to get sales with your current pay-per-click (PPC) campaign

Maximized Results for Your Budget

Overspending on your PPC campaign without seeing any return at all?

Improved Product Dominance on Amazon

Ready to stop and just give up on Amazon PPC and hope for the best?

It’s hard to be in that position knowing you have a product that could excel on the platform. Why give up when you just need more help? Our Amazon PPC agency is uniquely designed to affordably and effectively help you manage and get the most out of any PPC campaign you run. With Nuanced Media’s Amazon PPC management services, companies like yours are ensuring their future as a market leader on Amazon. Our expertise, data-backed techniques, and dedication to clients help us develop a comprehensive strategy for your business.

How Does It Work?

What can Amazon PPC management experts truly do for your business? Once our strategy for your company is launched, you’ll see remarkable benefits for your business. This includes:

Acceleration in sales - Shopping cart

Improve Amazon Sales Through PPC

The bottom line matters most. That comes from improving sales. With our Amazon advertising agency, you’ll see more revenue with each cycle. You will also maximize profits with conversions. That means you are making more money with each and every sale that occurs. We’ll also work with you to lower your Advertising Cost of Spending (ACoS), giving you better returns even when you are spending less on your business’s marketing.

By incorporating our Amazon strategies, you’ll see a significant improvement in your business’s ability to scale over the long term. For many Amazon startups and companies, ineffective PPC management on Amazon can lead to drastic cost overruns that tank the future of that business. This does not have to happen to your company.

Increase Discoverability of Your Amazon Business

Utilizing our Amazon advertising services, it becomes effortless for your would-be customers to find your business and to interact with your company’s products. This is another pain point – no matter how much you spend on your advertising with PPC, if your Amazon business is too hard to find, it will not matter.

To do this, we target the correct keywords to spend your money on the right people. These are people who are most likely to interact with your business and purchase. Instead of trying to convert someone that may have only a passing interest in your product, we’ll target the people who we know are going to be interested in what you have to offer. That’s a core component of success with Amazon SEO practices.

As a component of every Amazon PPC campaign, we’ll work with you to drive the best, relevant shoppers to your listings. If you’ve struggled with people just visiting your page and not making a purchase, it’s possible they are not targeted buyers, or the people who want and need the products you have to offer.

There’s no sense in convincing someone they need something they don’t. Rather, we want to focus on bringing in people who already have some interest or need for what you have to offer and show them it’s the very best solution for them. This is what makes a product listing a success.

Icon Strategy Integration

Careful Monitoring of Bidding Strategies

There’s more to Amazon PPC campaign strategy success than just executing a plan and watching it unfold. We put in the hard work to ensure that plan has all of the tools and research it needs to thrive. Then, we stick with it.

By constantly working to optimize your Amazon PPC strategy in areas such as placement, keywords, bids, and more, we can keep a careful eye on the success it’s having. This real-time monitoring matters. If something is not working or we observe a way to boost your profitability and revenue even more, we make changes. We upgrade. We swap out what’s not working and install a new campaign or make slight changes.

The goal is always the same – to make your Amazon business a success. For that to happen, it is critical to have a company by your side working to constantly enable growth.

Ongoing Amazon Campaign Management

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Another important component of Amazon PPC management is having information. Nuanced Media doesn’t put your Amazon business on autopilot. We not only stay on top of changes and updates for you, we also communicate what’s happening with our clients as often as possible. This is done through campaign reporting resources.

As a PPC manager on Amazon, Nuanced Media strives to provide comprehensive and detailed updates on a regular basis. If you’ve ever worked with a company that provided limited information or didn’t deliver results, you don’t need those concerns any longer.

With our transparent feedback on your PPC campaigns, there’s always oversight and achievement. Every time we head into one of these meetings, we want to be able to provide you with the very best information and resources. That’s not possible if we’re not constantly working to help your company excel.

Being able to report success for your business and having the best Amazon PPC strategy in place is something we want to brag to you about during each of these meetings.

What Is an Amazon PPC Management Agency?

Before getting started, it’s important to understand every aspect of Amazon advertising. What is Amazon PPC management? Why do these services really matter to you?

Let’s start with this one:

Amazon PPC Process

Amazon PPC is a paid advertising model available to Amazon sellers. It is much like any other type of PPC campaign. An Amazon seller pays a fee to Amazon for every instance in which a would-be buyer or shopper clicks on their ad. Amazon offers several types of PPC campaigns, including Sponsored Display Ads, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Brands. If you take a few minutes to visit the site and search for a product, you’ll notice the notations “Sponsored” throughout the listing pages and the site overall. These are other Amazon sellers advertising. That’s what you want to do.




Develop an Amazon PPC Strategy

The first step is often a current campaign audit completed by our Amazon ad agency to get solid information on what is working and what is not. We aim to find strong points that will help your business create sales. Those are aspects of your campaign we want to maintain.

We also look for problem areas – investments you’re making that are not turning a profit or leading enough buyers to your product listings. It is a comprehensive understanding of not just what isn’t working, but why that allows Nuanced Media to stand out in creating effective, targeted campaigns that are successful.

Once we gather this information, we then determine the next steps. What changes need to happen to create better outcomes? 



Identify Opportunities

A comprehensive component of this process is identifying key opportunities that can help your business to see significantly improved results. To do this, we work through several steps.

First, we provide in-depth Amazon keyword research. This is done with exact precision and expertise. In other words, we learn as much as we can about the words people are typing into search engines or on Amazon itself to find what you have to offer. A solid understanding of these keywords directly impacts the success of any campaign. Yet, it is one of the most commonly overlooked or brushed over portions of Amazon PPC campaign management. And, it’s costing you.

Once we have this information, we continue by looking at your competitor. Our goal is to better understand the competitor’s organic and paid advertising performance. To know how to help your business thrive, we need to have insight into what your competitors are doing to achieve the best results.

When we consider how to run and manage Amazon PPC campaigns, it becomes critical to gain insight into the competition. If you do not do this, there is no way to know what is working for them and how to beat them to the sale.





Nuanced Media, at its heart, is an educational resource. Everything we do through Amazon PPC optimization and management, we teach our clients. We want to educate each one of our clients on how Amazon PPC works, why it works, and how to get the very best from it. We strive to provide you with details on:

  • What is Pay Per Click Amazon advertising from your company’s standpoint
  • How much you should be spending (or if you are spending too much)
  • How setting up Amazon PPC works and the mistakes to avoid in doing so

We guide you in understanding these inner workings of PPC because we want you to know the options you have for creating better results. Educating the client on how PPC can help them saves you money.

In addition to this, we also work to set your Amazon seller business for future and long-term success. In order for you to learn how to set up PPC on Amazon for growth, you need to be able to manage the tools and strategies even as they change over time. That’s one of the most complex components of advertising on the site – the algorithms and strategies change often. You’ll learn more about how to improve this and better manage it for your best outcome.

We also teach you about constant, data-backed optimization strategies in areas of keywords, product listings, ads, and much more. When you have a foundation in understanding how digital marketing works, build on that with strategies for product descriptions and keyword research, it’s possible to achieve much more with each and every product launch. We work with clients from all types of backgrounds. No matter what your experience is, we’ll provide the education and support you need to master success on Amazon.

With transparent campaign reporting on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis, there’s no question about what we’re doing or how we are doing it. There is also no question about success, growth, and opportunity.

What Services Can Nuanced Media’s Amazon PPC Management Experts Provide My Business?

Let’s be frank. Why should you invest in our Amazon PPC management tools and strategies? What are we going to actually do for your business? Let’s break down what Amazon PPC outsourcing through Nuanced Media means to your business. Our Amazon PPC campaign management services provide a wide range of resources to help you manage all aspects of Amazon Marketplace advertising. We do the following to ensure success on the Amazon platform for each one of our clients. Nuanced Media will devise a plan of action for your business. This includes:

Amazon marketing agencies

The Competitive Advantage

Provide a full existing campaign audit to determine the strong and weak points

Competition Remains Low

Maximized Results for Your Budget

Find and understand known competitors, as well as identify new competitors that may put your business at risk

Icon Product Grouping

Improved Product Dominance on Amazon

Research your business’s industry to gain a solid understanding of who you are and what you do

We Help to Make a Decision

Our goal is to have a solid understanding of what your company is and what it offers. With this knowledge of the landscape, we can then help you make key decisions.

Icon Amazon Keyword Research and SEO

Amazon SEO

Through a solid understanding of keywords, we can start building success with an Amazon advertising strategy with confidence, knowing it is built on the words and resources that customers use to find what you have to offer.Nuanced Media provides comprehensive Amazon SEO services. This includes completing in-depth keyword research to find the best opportunities for your PPC campaigns. Any company that does not research keywords comprehensively like this is unable to devise a successful plan for success on Amazon. We are committed to ensuring the best possible results with these types of keyword research:

  • Advanced keyword research: We provide detailed, target-audience based keyword research to uncover all possibilities and opportunities
  • Variant keyword research: We look at keywords that relate to the initial set of keywords, providing more opportunities to achieve the best results
  • Branded keyword research: Keywords focused on your company’s brand allows for even more insight into what your customers are using to find your products and services

Competitor keyword research: A more thorough examination of keywords, our goal here is to have the best understanding of what keywords your competitors are using to get results and whether they are applicable to your business model and advertising strategy


Amazon Pay Per Click

Set Up Amazon Campaigns – Complete Pay-Per-Click Campaign Creation

We use all of the research we’ve conducted on your company, including product research and current campaigns, to develop a brand new campaign strategy for your business. This is where we shine. We’ll use all of the data we collected to create an effective strategy for every portion of your campaign.

  • Sponsored product display ads: Sponsored display ads allow you to show your ad to consumers who have viewed your product, viewed other products like yours, or to those who have used search terms related to the product you are offering.
  • Sponsored brand ads: Sponsored brand ads work to help grow your business on the Amazon platform. These ads may include the brand’s logo, a customized headline, and multiple products. They help communicate your brand image to customers and encourage them to come back to you – or to pull them to your company if they are purchasing from your competitors.
  • Amazon video ads: Look at the big brands on Amazon today and you’ll notice heavy use of video ads. It’s a fantastic way to engage with an audience looking for the products and services you offer. It can work to build your brand on the platform, demonstrate difficult topics, or enhance engagement opportunities with your customers.
    DSP ads: Programmatically buying ads to promote your business makes sense. Our team uses demand-side platform (DSP) access to help you buy display, video, and audio ads for both on and off the Amazon platform. This creates a new and efficient way of building your business.

With so many ad options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why Amazon PPC marketing needs to be done with a careful eye and expert assistance. Otherwise, you may run out of money before you see the results you need.

Ongoing Amazon Campaign Management

Ongoing Amazon Campaign Management & Optimization

fter launching your Amazon advertising campaign, our team remains engaged and ready to help. Once your campaign is up and running, our goal is to monitor the performance it has over the short and the long term. Even the most well-laid plan may have some opportunities for improvement. By providing oversight on an ongoing basis, we can monitor for these key opportunities. When necessary we can optimize them to ensure you’re getting the best results at the right costs.

To do this, we provide a range of help with the Amazon advertising platform and the campaign itself including:

  • Adjusting bids: This can help ensure you are not overspending, rather, you are spending on ads that are most likely to give you the best return. We do this as costs change and to ensure you have the best information as close to real time as possible.
  • Update keywords: Keyword trends can change for many reasons. The cost of those keywords can also change. With careful monitoring, we can ensure you are still getting the best ROI for your campaign.
  • A/B split testing: This is a critical strategy for gaining more insight and support for you as we work to grow your business. It helps us to determine if a specific strategy is going to be effective by comparing it to another. We don’t just make assumptions or guesses with your money. We use data to make better decisions.

This type of careful, ongoing marketing can create real opportunities for your success. It also helps make your Amazon marketing services investment more worthwhile. It’s not just a one-time investment to get a campaign launched. It’s ongoing support to ensure that the campaign thrives. 

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Amazon Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Oversight and ongoing management of your campaign are both always important to our team. Yet, it can be difficult to know what’s happening if we don’t track it. That’s why Nuanced Media uses a wide range of tools and resources to create comprehensive reports for you.
The bottom line is this – we track the success and struggles of any PPC campaign. We then report that information to you. Remember, we want to go into every meeting with you and provide good news about your success. That’s why we work so hard to ensure you always have the best possible campaign in place. Our tracking and reporting include a range of steps, including:

  • Providing frequent updates on all changes and client-controlled approval process. We always want your feedback. Our goal is to provide you with the tools, information, details, and campaign itself. Then, you remain in control – you pull the trigger on the campaign and take all of the glory for its success.
  • Transparent weekly/monthly reports on performance, metrics, feedback, and much more are always provided. Details can be customized to meet your needs here. We aim to ensure you always have clear, accurate information to base your decisions on going forward.

Our success as an Amazon marketing agency comes from your success. By tracking data and reporting on growth and improvements, we can provide you with exceptional decision-making power. That leads to the success of your Amazon business.

Amazon Seller Management

Amazon Seller Management

Having an Amazon advertising agency that provides ongoing support is valuable. There are times when problems come up, even in the most well-designed plans. With our support and guidance, you do not have to worry about the complications, the costs, or the frustrations. Our trusted and experienced team at Nuanced Media is always available to help you find the best way forward.

We provide a range of helpful insights and support resources when you need them. This includes:

  • Help with your Amazon Seller Central Account: If your seller account is confusing or a problem arises, our team will assist you. We can determine what went wrong and provide information to point you in the right direction when solving the underlying problem.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: You’ll have a specific person to talk to when there’s a need. This allows us to provide one-on-one client support to you with our in-house Amazon PPC management experts. The results? You know who to talk to when there’s any need, good or bad. It can also help you know who is responsible for providing services to you on an ongoing basis.

Comprehensively, having support matters. So many Amazon business owners find themselves simply stuck or unable to move forward because of mistakes or confusion. We eliminate these risks by providing you with specific help for any need you have along the route of success.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Amazon PPC Management Services?

Is an Amazon service agency like Nuanced Media right for you? We’re upfront and honest. We know that this is a big decision for most Amazon sellers, especially those just getting started and launching. Yet, that’s why you need our team, too. If you have a limited budget, a specific timeline, or outstanding goals, you want to make sure every dollar you spend on advertising is going to get the most results for your company. Look at an investment in our services as a tool to help your company to thrive, grow, and flourish, far ahead of the competition in many cases. All companies of any size can benefit from working with a professional in marketing services like this. Hands down, we never encourage you to do it alone because this is where we’ve seen companies overspend and fold as a result. All companies can see the benefits from working with an Amazon PPC consultant.  These benefits include:

Icon Amazon Sales Growth

The Competitive Advantage

Improve profits as your sales grow and your costs come down

Icon ACoS

Maximized Results for Your Budget

See lower ACoS – that means more money in your pocket to do the same type and amount of advertising


Improved Product Dominance on Amazon

Research your business’s industry to gain a solid understanding of who you are and what you do

Icon ROI Boost

The Competitive Advantage

Increase better ROI for every PPC campaign you launch

Icon Actionable Insights

Maximized Results for Your Budget

See acceleration in sales and sales rank within your industry

What Can an Amazon PPC Management Agency Do to Help My Business?

Before you make any decision in an Amazon PPC agency like ours, think about your company from a perspective of success. What will it take for your company to be successful on Amazon or off? What types of resources do you need to achieve those goals? When you work with an Amazon PPC management agency, we work to provide individualized services that can help foster success within your organization. Let’s take a closer look at the ways we are already helping companies on Amazon through our consulting services.


Improve Sales From Advertising:

This is a must. The competition is using advertising on Amazon to produce results. It’s not possible to find the same results as a new business without an investment in advertising. You can’t just launch your product listing and wait. The key is ensuring you are getting the best sales from those ads.

Improve Rankings Organically (Based on Brand Discovery and Repeat Customers):

Sale ranks matter on Amazon for long-term growth. Our team will work with you to ensure your rankings on the site are always moving in the right direction. Organic improvements foster the best sales results.


Give You Expert Advice and Guidance:

We provide ongoing assistance, including answering your questions and providing insight into opportunities for your business on Amazon. This is far more support than you’ll get on the Amazon seller forums or Warrior Forum! It’s customized advice delivered directly to your business.


Reduce the Amount of Time Wasted on Mistakes:

Costly and time sensitive mistakes cost your company money. There’s no way to recoup the investment you make in a failed PPC campaign unless you have support in making better decisions going forward. If it did not work for you before, we’ll help you find out why.

Get More Sales From Marketing Investments:

Every dollar you spend is vital to your business, no matter if you are a startup or a long-seasoned business owner. Our goal is to get everything we can from that investment, ensuring your profit margins stay in line with your goals.

Build More Loyal Shoppers:

These are the buyers you want – they come back time and time again and tell their friends about your products as well. Improving your customer loyalty helps boost ROI significantly.

Drive Positive Reviews:

Reviews are a critical component to success on Amazon, yet they can also be the most frustrating aspect of it. A core component of the work Nuanced Media does is help you to manage reviews by driving good, positive reviews to your product listings.


Gain More Brand Recognition:

Building your brand is the ultimate goal on Amazon. It’s what allows small companies to become recognized brands. Our team is here to make sure your brand is clearly understood and communicated.

Dominate E‑Commerce Sales with Our Featured Services

What Makes Our Amazon PPC Campaign Strategy the Right Choice?

Working with Nuanced Media isn’t just about turning a profit. It’s about building successful businesses on the largest eCommerce platform in the country. We take pride in the work we do to provide each one of our clients with the very best level of support and care. When you work with us, you are choosing to work with a company that’s dedicated to your best outcome. We work to stand out in several ways from other Amazon PPC management agencies:

Amazon business strategy

Proven Results

We’re happy to provide you with access directly to previous PPC campaigns and insights into our other clients. We’re proud of the work we’ve achieved with each of our clients.


Most Advanced Tech

We’re using technologies available to drive results, save money, and ensure the very best Amazon PPC strategies are created. We stay on top of new tech as it rolls out to ensure we can continue to do this long term.

Icon Leading Customer

Customized Solutions

Our approach is designed for your BRAND. It’s not just about your company. It’s about building your brand across Amazon and the internet as a whole. That drives true recognizable success.

One-on-one support

One-on-one Support

Don’t worry – we know there’s no question you have that’s unimportant or silly. We want to ensure you’re empowered to create the results you desire for your business.

Honest Transparency

Full Transparency

There are no gimmicks or tricks. We show you what we are doing, tell you why we are doing it, and provide you with the education you need to continue these results even after our partnership ends.

Industry Leading Expertise

Industry-leading Expertise

We stay on top of our game so our clients are always on top of their sales.

What other Amazon marketing agency can provide such opportunities and deliver on a consistent basis? If you’re unsure, reach out to Nuanced Media to find out what we do differently to help our clients to thrive.

Amazon Advertising Agency
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Amazon advertising agency services

What Happens When You Work with an Amazon PPC Management Agency?

When you decide to work with Nuanced Media, things get started quickly, providing you with the best course of action to achieving your best outcome. Let’s be clear – we don’t rush things. We just get your business and PPC campaigns off the ground soon. Here’s what you can expect from the process. Remember, too, that we customize each service we offer to meet your specific needs. There’s nothing too big or too small our team can’t tackle for you.

Long-Lasting relationship - Handshake

Amazon Action Plan: Learn About Each Other

It’s the dance before we date! We meet with you to discuss your business and get some basic information. We want to make sure we can help you before we sign any contract. We have a three-step process we use to help us to learn about you and your business. Long before you’ll see a contract, we’re investing in your business. It’s what we do to ensure the best possible outcome in our partnership towards success.


Designated Account Manager, Strategist, Marketing, and Design Team Assigned

Now’s the time for our work to really begin. We’ll assign these professionals to help you to build your PPC campaigns and to get all of the data necessary to move forward. Each of these professionals is a dedicated expert in their field. Once we assign these pros to start the work for you, you’ll notice:

  • Hands-on support for every component of the work we do for you – there is always help available for your needs.
  • Transparency in what we are doing every step of the way and no guessing on what’s going on.
  • Guidance provided from industry leaders to help you make better decisions throughout the process of building success on Amazon.
  • A focus on having a consistent and full understanding of your brand is a priority. We’re always interested in learning and developing success from this vantage point.

Continual Change and Optimization

Even as your brand’s PPC campaign is launched, Nuanced Media remains there with you on the sideline, watching the success. At the same time, we always focus on optimizing for even better results and tackling concerns as they happen.

  • We never stay in the same place or stay stagnant.
  • We’re always growing your business.
  • Our team is always bettering your company with each campaign and strategy.
Monitoring bidding strategies for Amazon PPC

Long-Lasting Relationship &

Results-Driven Approach

Our goal is to remain with you for years to come, providing better services to continually improve your business in the process. We encourage you to always focus on communication with us. We’re here to help. We’re here for the long run to the top.

It’s not just about getting you to the top. It’s about helping your brand to thrive and become the dominating force it should be. We base our success on how your brand achieves its goals.

Amazon Consulting FAQ

What is Amazon PPC management?

Amazon PPC is an advertising platform that helps sellers improve product sales online. In this model, the advertiser only pays Amazon when someone clicks on their ads. Amazon PPC management is a service provided by a specialist to help manage this process, ensuring you are getting the best possible ROI on any ad campaign that you run.

What is an Amazon PPC strategy?

An Amazon PPC strategy is a uniquely created plan for addressing a product or service’s specific advertising goals. A strategy involves comparing several different types of ads, various wording, and keywords to determine what type of campaign is going to reach your target customers the most and then working to manage that strategy over time to keep ROI high.

    Why should I hire an Amazon PPC specialist?

    An Amazon PPC specialist is a marketing professional who manages the pay-per-click advertising campaigns for products listed for sale on Amazon. They have enhanced skills and training to help manage Amazon PPC strategies for their clients, often configuring, launching, and optimizing these campaigns to reach specific goals and deliver a high ROI.

    How much should I budget for Amazon PPC campaigns?

    The amount you budget should be dependent on many factors, including the type of product you plan to advertise, the competition, and your budget. Amazon PPC campaigns typically require paying $0.81 to $2 per click, but this is quite variable and relates to several different factors. When working with your Amazon specialist, you’ll learn more about this and have a specific analysis done to determine what your budget should be.

    Is PPC marketing worth it on Amazon?

    For those launching a product on Amazon, it’s critical to invest in advertising that draws in your specific targeted customer, which is one that’s most likely to buy from you. Amazon PPC is generally worth it because you only pay for ads that consumers click on. When this happens, that consumer is already interested in what you have to offer, creating a solid ROI for most products. This can increase traffic to your Amazon listing and ultimately drive growth.

    What is Amazon SEO?

    Amazon SEO services create keyword-based campaigns with the goal of drawing visitors to Amazon product listing pages. The proper and comprehensive use of keyword analysis and research allows companies to attract consumers using specific targeted phrases to look up products on the site. Branded, variant, advanced, and competitor keyword research is all valuable to building a strong PPC campaign.

    What goes into pay-per-click campaign creation for Amazon?

    Working with an Amazon PPC specialist, it’s possible to create a complete PPC campaign that includes product research, sponsored product display ads, sponsored brand ads, Amazon video ads, and DSP ads. A customized campaign is created for every product to ensure long-term results.

    How do you optimize an Amazon PPC campaign?

    Working with an Amazon PPC specialist, every campaign is optimized based on what’s occurring, which could mean adjusting bids, updating keywords, and doing A/B split testing.