True Citrus

From Stagnation to Success: A Remarkable Journey to Exceeding Sales Target by $2,300,000

Client Overview

True Citrus provides natural citrus-based products like drink mixes, flavor enhancers, crystallized citrus packets, and lemonades. Dedicated to simplicity and health, they offer convenient options without artificial additives to enhance hydration.

Nuanced Media Services Used:


True Citrus approached us dissatisfied with their previous agency’s lack of proactiveness and overall performance on Amazon. Despite being a major brand in their niche with over 70,000 reviews on ASINs, their account showed stagnant growth and suffered from significant wasted spend, totaling around $200,000 annually. They aimed to boost ROAS and overall sales on their Amazon account. However, disorganized campaigns were targeting irrelevant keywords, leading to significant wasted spend.

Key Challenges

  • Campaigns suffered from significant wasted spend due to inefficiencies and misallocation of resources.
  • The account struggled with targeting keywords that did not align with the brand’s goals, resulting in ineffective ad performance.
  • The absence of a clear growth and defense strategy hindered the account’s ability to optimize performance and capitalize on opportunities.


    Our Amazon PPC strategy in the competitive landscape was characterized by a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we prioritized dominating and defending our branded terms and product page sponsored placements, ensuring maximum visibility and prominence. Simultaneously, we leveraged cross-selling and upselling tactics to grow unit sales and revenue. In addition, our pay-per-click (PPC) efforts were finely tuned to focus on highly relevant terms, aligning our ad spend with precise targeting to reach our target audience effectively. Furthermore, we proactively engaged competitors with similar products, thereby maintaining PPC efficiency and strategically positioning ourselves within the market.

    Key Solutions

    • Fine-tune PPC efforts to target highly relevant keywords, optimizing ad spend, and reaching the target audience effectively.
    • Implement tactics to boost unit sales and revenue through strategic cross-selling and upselling.
    • Create a defense strategy to protect our brand searches and a offense strategy to get hold of the users visiting our main competitor’s product listings.
    • Continuous optimization of product listing keywords based on sales performance for organic ranking.
    • Prioritize securing visibility, prominence, and defense for branded terms and product page placements.


      During our first year of partnership, our Amazon PPC efforts not only met but exceeded our sales targets by an impressive $2,300,000. With a remarkable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 5X, our campaigns showcased efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, we slashed wasteful spending by $200,000, optimizing budget allocation for maximum impact. This approach underscores our commitment to safeguarding our brand and driving sustainable growth through intelligent marketing strategies.


      Increase in YOY revenue

      Above target sales

      ROAS maintained

      Reduce in wasted spend


      We hired Nuanced Media to optimize our Amazon catalog and ads, expand our advertising options, and to help grow our Amazon business overall. We closed out 2022 with Amazon sales up 28% YOY, beating our sales goals. Plus, we maintained a ROAS above 5x while maximizing our Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand sales. All great results! Maintaining organization is one of Nuanced’s strongest skills. Their deep knowledge of Amazon and how to grow sales on that channel. Their insight has been invaluable in continuing to grow our business double-digit percentages each year.

      Zach B.

      Director of Digital Marketing, True Citrus

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