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Never one to rest on its laurels, Amazon constantly looks for ways to improve their business and overall customer experience.

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you need to know about eCommerce packaging and how it can benefit your business.

Read on to discover everything there is to know about Amazon eCommerce packaging, including what is eCommerce packaging Amazon and why it is arguably the best customer packaging process on the market.

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What is Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) for Amazon?

Frustration-free packaging is another popular way to package your products and one that was first coined by Amazon. Again, as the name suggests, frustration-free packaging is designed to use as little packaging materials as possible.

Created to lower the amount of packaging waste and to save money, frustration-free packaging aims to lower the number of components needed in eCommerce packaging.

This type of packaging also makes products easier to open and can enhance the overall customer packaging experience. Furthermore, it is much more eco-friendly than other packaging methods as they are made using recyclable materials, which is seen as a major plus for many consumers.

Although the phrase “frustration-free packaging” was first coined by Amazon, it is fast becoming popular with other online eCommerce platforms that have picked up on its many benefits.

Some of the most notable aspects of frustration-free packaging for Amazon eCommerce are:

  • Easy to open
  • Protective packaging
  • Low wastage
  • Cost-effective
Amazon Fulfillment FBA Delivery

What is Commerce-Ready Packaging for Amazon?

If you have been selling products online for quite some time, then you are highly likely to have heard of the term “commerce-ready packaging.” As the name suggests, commerce-ready packaging is a packaging solution that is used in the ship process to send a product directly to a consumer.

Moreover, it refers to a type of packaging process that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that the customer receives their package in mint condition. Commerce-ready packaging must also be shipped via courier services, such as FedEx, without being damaged in the supply chains.

There is a wide range of commerce-ready packaging solutions on the market, with some that allow you to choose high-impact graphics and designs that can help to maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Unlike retail packaging, Amazon eCommerce packaging is designed for shipping goods, which means that it needs to be able to withstand the delivery process. It also tends to be more attractive as it is designed to be shipped to individual consumers rather than a mass audience.

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International Safety Transit Association Rules

For packaging to qualify for either commerce-ready packaging or frustration-free packaging , it needs to pass the tests that simulate the effects of a parcel delivery system.

Amazon has its own packaging certification laboratories, which test packaging materials to ensure that they adhere to international safety transit association standards. These tests are designed to assess different packaging types, including small, flat, and elongated packages.

To pass inspection, a parcel must be able to cope with vibrations, shocks, and impacts as well as must be able to protect the contents under different weather conditions.

Once a packaging solution has been certified as either frustration-free or commerce-ready, it does not need to be recertified as long as no elements of the packaging are changed.

Why is eCommerce Packaging Important?

Running an eCommerce business can be hugely time-consuming, so you may be tempted to overlook packaging in favor of more important elements. However, eCommerce packaging is key in the overall customer experience and can mean the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal brand follower.

When it comes to the unboxing experience, first impressions are everything. If you want a customer to look favorably upon your brand, then you need a packaging solution that is both memorable and effective.

As well as making sure that your chosen packaging does the job, as in it keeps the contents protected and in perfect condition, but that it also helps to promote your brand.

Ideally, you want the customer to see your package on their doorstep and know straight away that it came from you. Focus on not just the practical aspect of your packaging but also the design. In fact, you should put nearly as much effort into the design of your packaging as you do the design of your product.

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How to Improve Your eCommerce Packaging

If you want to improve your overall customer experience and outshine your competitors on Amazon, then there are several techniques that you can adopt to make your eCommerce packaging more effective:

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Improve the unboxing experience

As mentioned briefly above, if you want to enjoy repeat business with your customers, then you need to make sure that the unboxing experience is as enjoyable as it can be. Most notably, you need to make the customer packaging process simple and quick.

Think about how you feel when you receive a package. Do you want a parcel that is easy to open so that you can reveal the contents quicker, or do you want to have to struggle to get inside?

Of course, it is the first option, which is why Amazon’s frustration-free packaging is so popular as it improves the customer experience.

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Promote your brand

If your packaging looks exactly the same as many other companies’ packaging, then you are highly unlikely to leave a memorable impression on your customers. Therefore, it is vital that you focus on creating packaging designs that actively promote your brand.

Think about adding your company name and logo as well as your brand colors, as all of this will help to improve brand recognition and make people more likely to remember your business for all the right reasons. When a new product launches, think about featuring this on the packaging as well to make it more exciting.

If you would like more information about eCommerce packaging Amazon or any other aspects of selling on Amazon, then an Amazon marketing agency is just what you need.

Here at Nuanced Media, we are Amazon marketing experts and know all the latest tips and tricks that guarantee to send your Amazon business soaring above the competition.

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