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Amazon Brand Registry – Meeting the Requirements

Amazon Brand Registry is one of the most interesting tools provided by the company. Not only does it work for you by protecting your brand, but it also helps build your brand on the site. In both cases, it helps save you money while increasing your profit margins. For many Amazon sellers, it is a must-have tool. If you meet Amazon Brand Registry requirements, you may see a number of benefits from using it.

Know the Risks and Why Amazon Brand Registry is so Valuable

One of the benefits of using Amazon Brand Registry is minimizing the risk of your customers finding products on the site that look like and may even be branded like your products, but are not authentic. Fake or counterfeit products on Amazon are a huge problem.

Amazon Brand Registry

In 2018, it was estimated by the U.S. Government of Accountability Office that 2 out of every 5 products purchased online – including Amazon, were counterfeit. Even if you have a small product line up or are just launching your brand, there are thieves who will take advantage of a good product to profit from. That’s why Amazon invested millions of dollars in creating ways to spot and stop counterfeit products on its site.

Amazon Brand Registry protects both your privacy and your brand. It does this by increasing transparency while also providing you with the tools you need to market to your customers in a more robust fashion. Protecting brand rights and providing transparency is critical to building any business.

What Is Amazon Brand Registry, Then?

A short description of Brand Registry is that it is a service that helps sellers and brand owners increase the amount of control they have on Amazon. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that it gives you the upper hand on what displays on your detail pages on the site. Once you meet the Amazon Brand Registry requirements, you may find the following range of tools beneficial.

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Brand Representation Accuracy

At the heart of Brand Registry is its ability to have control of your brand on the platform. Resulting in more control of your product listings on the site. Amazon reports 350,000 brands are using it for this and other reasons.

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Incredible Search Tools

Another plus to Brand Registry is the search tools that help you understand the competition with other Amazon sellers on the platform. For example, you can search using keywords, like most do and find out which seller owns certain keywords. View purchase behavior, item comparisons and alternatives, demographic information of your customers and more.

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Protect Your Customers

By identifying brand owners on Amazon and prohibiting fakes, Brand Registry is also working to protect against intellectual property infringement. As a result, it works to support customer experience on the site and with your brand.

Brand Registry offers their own support team to handle any type of concerns regarding branding and fraudulent products with their 24-hour support. Amazon provides a global team of pros that work quickly to identify risks and respond to them. This helps get infringements of your rights off the site faster. Amazon claims that this tool has helped brands enrolled in it to reduce their average number of suspected infringements by as much as 99 percent.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits: How Can Brand Registry Help Your Business Thrive?

Why should you invest your time in using Brand Registry? What does it have to offer you that makes it worth using? One reason is simple – brands already using it, including some of the largest on the site, find it to be acceptable, effective, and reassuring. Yet, let’s take a look at some of the key Amazon Brand Registry benefits your brand will likely see even if you are just starting out.

Amazon Brand Registry Storefronts

Increased Control Over Your Listing Content

With accurate brand representation comes your ability to do more with your products on the site to minimize risks. For example, with Brand Registry, you control the Amazon product detail pages that utilize your brand. That means that when customers land on a product page, they are far more likely to see accurate information, not rehashed info that is not accurate.

It increased control over all of your listing content. That includes:

  • Title
  • Product features
  • Images used
  • Product descriptions

If you consider what brand identity is, it’s easy to see the importance of this beyond just counterfeit products. Your brand identity is everything people think about, feel, or know about your product, values, and company when they see that product or your logo. A key component to branding your company is ensuring each of these components – images, logos, words, and descriptions – should all align no matter where they are found online. With Brand Registry, that’s a bit easier to ensure.

Searching and Report Tools Are Easy to Use and Powerful

Let’s say you are using the site to sell a product with a history of success, and then you suddenly see a drop in sales. Could it be that someone else is selling a product like yours? How would you find out? No one has the time to search through millions of listings. That’s where Brand Registry can help out.

You can use the tool to help you find potential infringement instances on the site. The search tool has various custom features that allow brands to navigate these risks. For example, you can use it to search for content across all Amazon stores – globally. It’s all done on one screen. You don’t have to go to numerous places to do this.

Additionally, you can find logos or product images that are just like your own. If someone is trying to use the professional photos you invested in – they are going to be found using the image search.

Once you find a problem, you can then work through a pretty simple and guided workflow process to provide Amazon with a report. They will review it quickly and then take action as needed. There’s no complex process to slow you down.

When you learn how to check Amazon Brand Registry for your content, you’ll have another layer of protection for your business on the site.

Amazon Brand Registry business protection

Predictive Protections in Place

Amazon does not always wait for you, the brand owner, to take action to report counterfeits. Rather, it has a predictive, proactive brand protection tool set up. You provide it with key information about the brand. It then uses automated tools and methods to identify -and remove- risks including bad listings. This is done using predictive protections. Brands can utilize this tool by providing as much information as possible about their intellectual property and the brand as a whole.

There are a few ways this can benefit your business:

  • If your trademark is not used properly, in titles or product descriptions, this tool can pick that up.
  • When images contain your logo, the system spots the instances when those products should not carry your name and removes them.
  • Identifies when sellers are shipping products from other countries – where you do not manufacture or distribute your brand – a key indicator of a counterfeit product.
  • Aides you in finding product listings being created with your brand name when you already have a full product catalog on the site.

You should still learn how to check Amazon Brand Registry with your info on the site, but it does provide some peace of mind knowing the company is doing some of the hard work in the background for you as well.

Amazon Searching And Report Tools

Build Your Brand

Perhaps one of the best Amazon Brand Registry benefits is this one – it helps people learn about your brand. This directly impacts the success you have on Amazon when you are trying to stand out among the thousands of other sellers on the site within your niche.

You can grow your business using this tool by utilizing features such as:

  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Storefronts
  • Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Brand Dashboard
  • Buy Box Access

We’ll discuss these in a moment at more length. The key to success is registering your brand on Amazon, you’ll be empowered to achieve much more with your brand than you would otherwise.

Why Should You Register Your Brand?

Amazon Brand Registry can do a lot for your brand. This includes:

  • Becoming an exclusive brand on the site. That gives you more control over your products and what your customers see.
  • Increase your product sales in some cases. An increase in sales happens because you remove fraudulent listings and ensure your information is clearly presented properly to the customer.
  • Maximize your conversion rate as such – more people are landing on your product listing page and buying from you because of brand recognition and authenticity.
  • It protects your brand from low-quality, fake products that could give consumers a bad impression of your product, driving them away from future purchases.
  • Use it to help create a comprehensive ad campaign – even better, you can do this fast. Often you can get it up and running within just 24 hours.

Even if you are not worried about fakes and knockoff products on Amazon (though even small brands should be), you still benefit from Amazon Brand Registry for the extras included.

How do You Register Your Brand & What are the Requirements?

It’s pretty easy to get your brand registered on Amazon. Keep in mind that the process itself isn’t complicated. And, it’s free – there is no cost to brands to use this tool. That eliminates many of your risks (and excuses for not using it!).

Amazon Brand Registry

First, consider the Amazon Brand Registry requirements. Amazon only accepts registrations from some countries. You also need to have a registered Amazon account that has an image and text-based trademark.

The process of enrollment is rather easy from this point. Here is what happens.

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Step 1: Amazon Eligibility Requirements

Amazon will review the brand to ensure you meet its requirements:

  • Must have a registered and active trademark. This can be an active text (word mark) or an imagine-based trademark (design mark).
  • Trademarks must appear on your products or on the packaging.
  • Meet the eligibility requirements based on the country. You can view these individually here.
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Step 2: Sign In

Once you meet these requirements, sign into Amazon Brand Registry. You can use your Amazon Seller or your Amazon Vendor Central login information to get into Amazon Brand Registry.

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Step 3: Enroll Your Brand

Once you log in, you will then need to verify your details or your brand. The company needs to have access to as much information about your brand as possible. Amazon will register your brand which gives you access to the extra features. Amazon might have a few extra questions for you too.

You will need to provide:

  • Your brand name – registered actively with a trademark
  • A list of product categories for your product where the brand should be listed on Amazon
  • The trademark registration number that is provided to you from the Intellectual Property Office providing your trademark.
  • A list of countries where your product is distributed or manufactured.

Once this is done, Amazon will ensure you are the Rights Owner for your trademark and, therefore, your brand. If there are any concerns, they will reach out to you with more insight. Amazon makes it as efficient as possible, but it can take some time to verify all of these details.

Remember, this is a free service. You do not have to pay for signing up for Amazon Brand Registry – and you should never fall for a scam to do it. That being said, you can use Nuanced Media to help you establish your Brand Registry and guide you through the process. Just reach out to us to learn how we can help you.

What Can You Do with It Once You Register Your Brand?

There are various benefits to using Amazon Brand Registry, as noted. The brand-building tools are some of the most important for you to dive into once you are enrolled and ready to go. Here is a look at a few of these benefits and how they work.

Brand Registry Benefits

There are key benefits to enhanced brand content including:

  • Reducing the number of people who click off right away because they don’t like the look or feel of the page.
  • Improves customer engagement within your product, ensuring people stick around longer.
  • Builds brand value on the site and gives consumers more assurance in who they are buying from and what they are buying.
  • Boost your return on investment with a more optimized listing combined with paid advertising.
  • Reduce the number of returns you get and negative feedback because people are more knowledgeable about what they are buying.
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Amazon Storefronts is another tool that Amazon Brand Registry users have access to. It allows you to show off your brand as well as your products in an immersive, several-page setup. Stores help take your brand to the next level. For extra tips, check out our 2020 Amazon Storefront Optimization Guide.  This is a brand destination on Amazon that individuals can go to to find out about all of your products. There is no additional cost to using Amazon Store either.

There are various benefits to using a storefront including:

  • Building brand awareness – all of your products are on one page where your customers can find them. If they like one, they may want to learn about others.
  • Tell your brand story. The storefront is visually appealing, which means that you can really immerse your customers in your brand. That helps them remember you.
  • You can design your store without having any coding knowledge at all. It is all done using a drag-and-drop setup, or you can use one of the available templates. You can also upload video and images easily.
  • Get your own address. Your brand name is listed in the slug after the URL. That makes marketing off Amazon easy, too.
  • Gain more insight see your stats including page views, visits, and sales from the Amazon stores dashboard.
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Sponsored Brand Ads

Another nice benefit is getting access to Sponsored Brands Ads. This helps customers engage with your brand as they are moving through Amazon. This is a type of cost-per-click type of ad feature. It has your brand logo, a customized headline, and multiple products for your brand. These ads show up on relevant shopping results at the very top of the page. The ultimate goal of Sponsored Brands is to build awareness using customizable ads.

There are several key benefits to this including:

  • Building brand awareness (yes, that’s the point here too!). This method allows you to boost visibility and allows you to determine how to present your brand to your customers. You can also optimize your bid strategy to reach your performance goals.
  • Help connect shoppers to your product – when they are looking for what they want to buy related to your product. When they click on your logo in these ads, they go to your landing page or Stores.
  • You gain more control over your CPC ad costs. You only have to pay for these ads when someone clicks on them. You set a budget. You choose how much to bid per click.
  • It’s another branding shopping experience for your customer. Engage your shoppers in an immersive environment.
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Brand Dashboard

Another key benefit is that it provides you with access to Brand Dashboard. This is a pretty new feature. In short, you are able to use the dashboard to control your Brand Registry. You can view recommendations to improve customer experience. You can also see ways to improve conversions or boost traffic. It helps give you the tools and insights you need to make better branding and business- building decisions for your company.

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Gain Buy Box Access

Another interesting tool that Amazon Brand Registry opens up for you is called Buy Box Access. When you are registered with the company, you gain access to the buy box. Let’s take a moment to explain what this is.

On Amazon, there are two types of sellers. The first is Amazon itself. The rest of the sellers are called third-party retailers, like yourself. There is no limit to the number of people who can set up a Seller account and sell the same item to customers. How does Amazon decide who gets to sell the product? Various factors account for this, but the buy box is a key component.

The “buy box” is the white box located on the right side of any of your product listing pages. This is the box where customers are able to add items to their cart once they decide to make a purchase. Once you are an Amazon Brand Registry member, you gain access to being listed in the buy box.

Amazon Buy Box

Amazon states that over 80 percent of Amazon sales go through this box. Mobile purchases are even higher than this. For this reason, you want to be in that buy box.

Keep in mind that it can help you win the buy box access. You also need to know that you will not win the buy box if another seller has a better price or if that seller is a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) seller and you are not.

Diving Into Amazon Brand Registry – Here’s Your Next Step

It’s clear that Amazon Brand Registry has much to offer to you. You can go ahead and send in your application for it now. Or, you can get some help.

If you need help registering your brand on Amazon, or the Amazon Brand Registry requirements, let Nuanced Media help you.

Amazon states that over 80 percent of Amazon sales go through this box. Mobile purchases are even higher than this. For this reason, you want to be in that buy box.

Keep in mind that it can help you win the buy box access. You also need to know that you will not win the buy box if another seller has a better price or if that seller is a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) seller and you are not.

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