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Imagine creating an Amazon social media post that is all about your product. Then, those Amazon posts are placed in front of the thousands of people that browse Amazon every day making purchases of products just like your own. That would be a fantastic way for you to get your product in front of your most likely buyers.

That is somewhat the premise behind Amazon Posts. It’s a new feature that all Amazon Sellers should consider using. It is one of Amazon’s many Advertising methods. Amazon Posts blends the social media marketing that is being used so readily and effectively off of the platform and Amazon’s platform experience to produce a more robust marketing tool.

As an Amazon Seller, you’ll find this new tool encourages people to engage with your brand and products on the site efficiently and streamlined. It’s a rather easy-to-use tool designed to improve your product’s ability (as well as your brand’s) to stand out.

When you consider that Amazon has 2.5 million sellers currently selling on the marketplace – some of them have to be targeting your niche – you want to take advantage of any opportunity available to help your product stand out amongst the rest.

What Are Amazon Posts?

Do you remember Amazon Spark? A different type of tool that Amazon used as a way to get content up for products. Then again, you may not know much about Spark because it didn’t go over well and left many users unengaged. Amazon Posts seem to fill in all of those gaps and offer a better solution.

Amazon Posts are available to U.S. marketplace sellers. It is only available to those who are a part of and registered for Amazon Brand Registry. If you are not a part of this yet, we encourage you to learn more about it.

Amazon states that the goal of posts is to help buyers find new products and to see what their favorite brands are offering. Shoppers can do this by browsing through feeds of brand-curated content – that’s content you create for your products.

Posts will also include some nice features:

  • Links to product detail pages that take buyers exactly where they need to go to buy from you
  • Category tags that allow shoppers to explore posts in a related category
  • Feeds that are shoppable – your buyers can buy right away
High Quality Images

If you are a social media user, you will instantly see that Posts look and feel a lot like Instagram, just on Amazon. Spread your creativity right on the platform beyond a product detail page or Enhanced Brand Content.

Posts are designed to be easy to use and reliant on visual, lifestyle photography. Because it is heavily image-based, you’ll need to have outstanding, clear, and even stunning photos of your products on these posts. High quality images really sell the quality of your product.

5 Reasons to Use Amazon Posts Now

Are you still unsure if you should be using Amazon Posts? Here are five reasons why most Amazon Sellers should be using it

  1. It’s free to use, aside from creating quality images and professional content.
  2. On platform branding tool. It is one way to help effectively build your brand.
  3. Easy to use– you can even repurpose content from your social media marketing campaigns (though original content is the better option in all cases).
  4. Visually pleasing content, which has been shown to be better embraced by shoppers than numerous paragraphs of content.
  5. It’s inspirational. It allows your customers to engage with your brand and gives you the opportunity to highlight your products while telling your brand’s story.

When you consider these benefits, most sellers will find creating a few Amazon posts can make a lot of sense. Let’s figure out how it all works.

How Do They Actually Work?

It is quite simple. The site’s tool is actually very easy to use and can be put into place within a matter of minutes – once you create the content to feature on it.  There are three components to consider:

Amazon Posts - Discovery, Browsing, Shopping
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Help consumers discover your product and brand, you’ll create carousels of images and content. Brands that participate in Posts can use carousels on detail pages for your products as well as related products to you. Shoppers are then able to just click on these to enter into a feed.
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Shoppers are able to browse feeds of related posts. They are able to move through specific categories and content learning and growing in their knowledge about products like your own. They can also pivot to browse feeds of these posts in other related categories. It is very easy to navigate and find new products and brands to learn more about and, hopefully in the end, buying from.

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All posts are instantly shoppable. That means that shoppers can make a purchase of your product once they view your post. They just tap on the image to “show products” links within. That takes them to your product listing page. This makes these posts an easy way to increase conversions on Amazon.

The process of getting started is easy –

  • Visit There, you will sign in using your seller central credentials.
  • You’ll then create a profile for your brand. This requires verifying your brand and uploading a logo for the company.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to create your blog posts, which requires uploading images, drafting captions, and tagging related products.

If you want to make it a bit easier on yourself, let Nuanced Media do the hard work for you. We can create your posting strategy, help you create a calendar of posts, support you with images, and draft and schedule your posts. We’ll do the heavy lifting and you’ll get to reap the reward. With our experience, you can count on a streamlined and effective way that generates results as soon as possible.

Amazon Posts Best Practices

Creating content can be challenging, and in some ways brands do struggle with creating posts that are interesting and appropriate for their brand. These best practices should help you.

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Dive in Like You Would Social Media Posts

You should create your account and then start using it. You should post as much as you do on social media – remember this should have the same feel and voice. You will often post at least once a day, though some experts encourage numerous posts daily. This really depends on the amount of competition for your niche and your overall goals and budget.

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Avoid the Sales Language

Make sure your content has the right focus. Instead of talking about how great your product is, use a storytelling-style of communication. That is, you want to tell people what it can do for them, how it can help them, how it solves their problems, or how well it works for others. With posts, much of this communication can be done through imagery.

Remember, too, that you cannot convince buyers your product is great with just words. Consumers need to see what it can do for them. You can also use posts for specific products and your brand as a whole. Building your brand on Amazon can be a challenge with the competition, but this is one visual way to do so.

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Create Different Types of Content

The goal is to create an audience base for your products on Amazon using posts. For that reason, you do not want every post created to be about the same thing.  Create a number of different ways to use your product or features to highlight. Each post is short and can be right to the point, but make sure it offers more or different insight than your detail product page listing. Ask yourself a few questions when getting started:

  • Who uses this product?
  • Are there different reasons or ways to use the product?
  • What specific feature of the product do buyers really appreciate?
  • Has a buyer used this product in a unique way?
  • What helps your product to stand out from the competition?

Be creative, witty, interesting, and unique with each post. That’s going to help build your brand experience and solidify your marketing campaign.

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Know the Main Elements of a Post

Your Amazon Post will have several components to it. Each one of these is customizable to fit your product and brand. You’ll have few words to display, which is why every one of them has to count.

Woman in laptop and Amazon Posts samples
  • Profile Banner: This is where you will display the name of your brand. Your logo sits right next to it.
  • Custom Image:  This is the main component of the post. It’s the image your customers will see. Use the photo to showcase the product’s features or tell a story for Amazon viewers to learn.
  • Show Product Icon: Users can tap on this link towards the bottom of the image. It will hide or reveal a product card as desired. The product card will display details about the product, such as its star rating on Amazon, price, and whether it is eligible for Prime.
  • Caption Text: Under your image, there is an area for you to create some content. Custom captions are important because they let you highlight a product feature or to communicate some detail. You can use it to support your branding, too. You may even want to include a call to action here, depending on the product.
  • Category Tags: These are vital, and fortunately done for you. Amazon will auto-tag the post with product categories. When a shopper taps that tag, it takes them to a vertically displayed feed of posts. These all relate to the same category and are not always your products.
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Understand Where Amazon Posts Appear

Amazon Posts are located in various places on the site. You do not have a lot of control over where they are placed, as Amazon does that. Most of the time, they are placed on:

  • Your brand’s product listings: You’ll notice a section under the section “Customers who bought this item also bought…”
  • Listings of related brands: Your posts will show up on your competitor’s pages. This is perhaps one of the best advantages, but of course it also means your competitor’s posts will be on your page.
  • Related posts feeds: When a shopper clicks on a post to view it, it will show a list of related posts towards the bottom of the page, these are under the label “Related Posts.”
  • Category feeds: Your posts will also be located under category tags that Amazon provides. When someone clicks on this, it will take them to a feed of other posts in that category.

Amazon Posts Strategies

Now that you know what they are and where they are used, the next step is to follow a few specific tips to help you to get the most out of them. Remember, there is not a lot of space to work with, which is why you need to make it all count.

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Post Often

Stay top of mind with your shoppers by posting often, even numerous times a day. Note that your customers shop at various times of the day. Some of these feeds change often. Post at various times of the day to reach your full audience effectively.

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Rephrase Social Media Content

While word-for-word content should never be copy and pasted from social media directly to posts, you can still use the same strategies and images. View posts as a secondary component to your social media efforts. You can develop new content, but you should plan out a strategy that works for you over a period of time. Be sure to use content that’s relevant for the audience.
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Image Quality Is Essential

Since your marketing efforts’ biggest component on posts will be your image, invest in professional images . It is also helpful to stand out. Instead of just a product shoot, showcase your product in use. You may want to show people using it – like babies engaging with toys or campers cooking on a grill. Make sure the images have vibrant colors. They should also be clear.
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View It as a Reflection of Your Brand

Amazon Posts contribute to your brand story on the site. Each image should offer the same story or voice. For example, if you are all about green living, make sure it is mentioned throughout your posts. If your business’s image is focused on upbeat content, make sure that comes through. Keep the same type of messaging consistent across the board.
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Make It Interesting

When a person is viewing a long list of posts, what is going to make yours stand out? Make it interesting, curious, or problem-solving. You can add a bit of humor in there or use images that get people to take notice. Make sure every component of the piece is used as valuable real estate – it’s not a lot of space so you need to make it stand out.
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Test and Test Your Content Again

Remember that Amazon provides you with data you can use to track the effectiveness of any post campaign. Use it to get an idea of what people respond to and when. You may even want to tailor your message to be very specific to see what works the best.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Amazon Posts are a fun and interesting way to build your Amazon brand and increase sales. Nuanced Media can help you with your Amazon blog posts. All you have to do is dive in and learn more about the work we do.

Let Nuanced Media help you with your Amazon Marketing Strategies from Posts to Listing Optimization. Speak to a specialist today.

Ryan Flannagan

Ryan Flannagan

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