Client Profile

Callpointe offers a full range of services like appointment reminders, recalls, physician appointment cancellations, and no-show and collection messages. Founded in 1999 with the mission to create easy-to-use web-based services for medical professionals.

Callpointe came to Nuanced Media looking for a total website makeover. With their target demographic being medical practices, they wanted their website to exemplify a clean, professional business. Nuanced Media came in and learned the ins and outs of Callpointe’s business, as well as discovering the industry standards for medical appointment reminder services.



Callpointe’s old website offered very little information about their practice and services. They wanted to update the look of their website as well as highlight their professionalism, intelligence in the field, and their pride in customer service. Customized with specific Call-To-Actions, interactive capabilities, and free demo signups; Callpointe’s website came to life. A user-friendly website allowed for Callpointe’s leads to not only learn more about their services, but to also try out a free demo if they were interested and speak to a knowledgeable representative.


Along with a beautiful new website, Nuanced Media and Callpointe also teamed up for Inbound Marketing. Over the course of a year since starting inbound marketing, Callpointe has seen an overall increase of 300% leads and counting! This is all thanks to:

  • Optimized pay per click and landing page split testing
  • Downloadable value added content and email work flows
  • Complete sales funnel analysis and revision of sales material
  • Thought leadership

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Design Process

Our goal in the redesign was to show visitors that Callpointe provides modern technological services to their clients and is a trusted partner in the appointment reminder service industry.

Callpointe wanted their website to look more modern, while paying attention to the success of their services and relationships with their partners. In the end, Nuanced Media delivered a modern website with:

  • Minimal design, using a calm color palette, and imagery that conveyed updated technology
  • Edited down copy to convey most important and interesting information
  • Interactive design while clearly communicating Callpointe’s services


Callpointe wanted a website that could highlight the features of their services and products. To do that, we organized their content around these features. Their services page utilizes on-page navigation, similar to a single page website, to give the user the option of what features were most critical for them to learn about. Because their service is so dynamic and complex, we focused on simplicity and developed:

  • Subtle animations to draw attention to desired features
  • An “About” page with prominent clients listed and an introduction to their leadership team
  • A User-friendly FAQ page for easy information access


After revamping Callpointe’s website to convey a clean and professional appearance and targeting their demographic more effectively Callpointe saw a:

[statistic value=”50″ content=”% saving in cost per lead”]
[statistic value=”300″ content=”% increase in lead generation”]
[statistic value=”70″ content=”% year over year increase in sales growth”]

These noticeable increases were thanks to a website that created a more involved experience to potential clients through CTA’s and free trials to continually spark interest at the most effective moments.

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