Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Market Dominance in the Highly Competitive Supplement Category

Client Overview

Manna Supplements is a health and wellness company committed to providing high-quality nutritional supplements. With a focus on science-backed formulas, they offer a range of products designed to support overall wellness. Having established a flourishing direct-to-consumer (D2C) business, their next move was growing on Amazon to reach a wider audience. They sought an agency capable of managing all aspects of its Amazon operations, from advertising to overall brand management.

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The brand encountered difficulties in expanding sales within its supplement niche. Despite accumulating over 700 reviews, it faced sluggish growth. Upon closer inspection, two main obstacles surfaced. Firstly, its primary product image featured a standard white background, lacking the visual allure needed to captivate potential buyers effectively. This can significantly affect performance by diminishing visibility, reducing click-through and conversion rates, and negatively impacting the perception of product quality. Secondly, its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy was overly concentrated on branded terms, limiting its reach and potential.

Key Challenges

  • Struggle to achieve scalable growth despite impressive review count.
  • Low click-through rate (CTR), hindering sales performance.
  • Sole reliance on Sponsored Product (SP) ads for advertising, potentially missing out on valuable growth opportunities.
  • Narrow focus of PPC campaigns exclusively on Branded Terms; restricting its reach and potential for acquiring new customers outside of its existing customer base.


    To address the challenges faced by the supplement niche brand, we devised a multifaceted solution strategy. Initially, we conducted rigorous A/B testing on the main product image, aiming to optimize its visual appeal and enhance its ability to attract potential buyers. Additionally, we diversified the advertising approach by integrating Sponsored Products (SP), Sponsored Brands (SB), and Sponsored Display (SD) campaigns, thereby expanding the brand’s visibility across different ad formats and platforms. Moreover, we broadened the scope of the pay-per-click (PPC) strategy by incorporating non-branded terms with significant search volume, enabling the brand to connect with a broader and more diverse audience base. These strategic initiatives collectively contributed to substantial improvements in sales performance and brand visibility, culminating in a remarkable turnaround for the brand within its competitive niche.

    Key Solutions

    • Conduct A/B testing to optimize the main product image.
    • Diversify advertising channels to Include SP, SB, and SD ads.
    • Expand the scope of PPC campaigns by incorporating high-volume non-branded keywords.


      The effectiveness of our efforts in revamping advertising, optimizing product images, and expanding into new advertising channels boosted CTR by 99%, leading to an extraordinary 59.76% growth in gross revenue. This success extended to securing the #17 organic rank in the competitive Curcumin Herbal Supplement category, highlighting the potency of a well-crafted Amazon data-driven strategy in surpassing competitors and achieving scalable expansion.


      Increase in Gross Revenue in 6 Months


      Increase in CTR

      Organic ranking in the Curcumin Herbal Supplement Category


      The team has been very attentive to my needs and are timely, especially when things go wrong. It’s taken a lot of the stress away from me! We have noticed changes in PPC activity as well as upward revenue and profitability trends. They brought a lot to the table as far as marketplace knowledge we never would have had without them. We also have a great team working our account and enjoy working with them.

      Alli S.

      E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Manna

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