Seat Covers Unlimited

Amazon Optimization Helps the Largest Selection of Car Seat Covers & Accessories Hit All-Time High in Monthly Sales

Client Overview

For over 34 years, Seat Covers Unlimited has been manufacturing seat covers, dash covers, and other vehicle accessories for every make and model, and has the largest selection of patterns and fabrics to fit every unique individual. Having over 200,000 products showcased on Amazon, Seat Covers Unlimited sought the assistance of Nuanced Media to refine their account and pinpoint prime sales opportunities.

Nuanced Media Services Used:


Seat Covers Unlimited encountered persistent challenges in surpassing the monthly sales threshold of $90,000. Despite offering a diverse product range and maintaining high customer satisfaction, sales fluctuated, seldom exceeding this mark. Although there was a notable peak of $92,0000 consistent breakthroughs remained elusive.
The primary challenge stemmed from the inefficient advertising budget allocation across different product variations, despite evident differences in conversion rates. This resulted in stagnant sales and an inability to surpass the $90,000 monthly threshold. The client sought a new strategy to boost sales without escalating ad expenditure.

Key Challenges

  • Inconsistent sales performance, unable to scale profitability.
  • Logistics of managing a catalog of 200,000 products.
  • Inefficient allocation of ad spend among product variations.
  • Neglect of high-converting products in advertising campaigns.


    Initially, a thorough account analysis pinpointed missed opportunities and high-converting product variations. Next, former campaigns were revamped, directing all ad spend to the top performers. Continuous monitoring and daily keyword optimization ensued to enhance targeting precision and amplify campaign impact.

    Key Solutions

    • Amazon Seller account and catalog optimization.
    • Redistribution of ad spend to the variation with the highest conversion rate (CVR).
    • Capitalizing on brand recognition and competitor search volume.
    • Modifying existing campaigns to spotlight the most effective product variation.
    • Close monitoring and optimization to improve targeting efficiency while maintaining constant ad spend.
    • Reputation management to help assure customers of the product’s quality.


      The strategic reallocation of ad spend led to immediate and significant improvements. Sales increased from $75,000 in January to an all-time high of $114,000 by March, all while maintaining the same level of advertising budget. This adjustment has stabilized sales around the $90,000 level, surpassing the previously elusive threshold.

      Peak monthly sales 3 months after strategy implementation

      Consistent monthly sales surpassing stagnant threshold

      Organic search result for “truck seat covers”

      Decrease in ACOS


      They improved our existing presence in the marketplace. The returns on our monthly promotions are impressive. They made huge improvements to our online storefront, integrating a new system that lets me manage listings more easily. It was also helpful to have them walk us through the new processes. Before our engagement with them, we were selling about 200 units of a certain product each month. Since we passed responsibilities over to them, they provided us with great content and analysis on which markets to actively target. From that point on, we’ve averaged over 900 units of the same product per month in sales. The product is the same, but they were able to find and capitalize on the opportunity. Nuanced Media provided excellent customer service, which means a lot. Many people could’ve done the job, but they are by far the most customer-centric. They were willing to answer all of our questions and treated us well throughout the development. They were in contact through Basecamp, which allowed for a super organized process. We assign tasks and communicate on the platform. There was full transparency — our weekly meeting notes were even uploaded. The platform was very easy to use as well. It would be great to have them on staff full-time!

      Franco Z.

      Marketplace Manager, Seat Covers Unlimited

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