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Client Profile

Tenon Tours offers custom tours and scheduled vacation packages to Europe; specifically Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy and Iceland. Tenon Tours is not your run of the mill Travel Agency, but a customizable, personal, and educational opportunity to immerse oneself in many different cultures.



The main challenge Nuanced Media approached was Tenon Tours’ starting website’s lack of communication with future leads because of their complex website organization. While Tenon’s main revenue point historically was destination trips to Ireland, they wished to convey their expansion into multiple new destinations. A decrease in sales and high bounce rate were driving factors in recognizing the need for a new website; as well as educating their website visitors about their new product offerings in different countries.

To facilitate transforming Tenon Tour’s leads into customers, Nuanced Media created an easy to use website that provided each and every visitor the right information to begin their journey. This information provided ranged from real life traveler stories to customizable trip searches.

Design Process

The design and development process for Tenon Tours was one of the most in-depth and largest projects Nuanced Media has ever worked on. It was very important to Tenon Tours to make sure their branding was unique and identifiable. Through close collaboration between our team and theirs, we came up with unique designs and functionalities that made their new website stand out from the competition.

Throughout our creative process we designed:

  • 30+ mockups emphasising travel images and conversion optimization
  • Unique and identifiable branding
  • A reorganization of their website information for easy navigation

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Traveling is all about the experience. So when creating features for their site, our goal was to have the best user experience possible. To achieve this we knew we needed enticing photos and interactive pages. To create a smooth buyer’s journey we created:

  • Bleeding-edge templating for trip interdependencies
  • Advanced trip search
  • Dynamic calls to action architecture
  • Enhanced image optimization


Once the new Tenon Tour’s website went live, both teams began to notice immediate results. The new website is bold, modern, and mobile friendly, and the original goal of gathering new leads was accomplished. Tenon Tours has seen a(n):

[statistic value=”16″ content=”% increase in leads/contacts since last year”]
[statistic value=”58″ content=”% increase average sale”]
[statistic value=”71″ content=”% increase in year-over-year sales”]

This increase in leads and contacts translates to higher sales revenue for Tenon Tours and more happy customers taking their dream vacation.

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